Saturday, 16 August 2014

Garden of Zen

Excuse me if I look a little tired, I arrived in France yesterday morning after twelve very long hours on a plane from Tokyo. Before I get around to sorting through all my snaps from Japan I thought I'd share a few quick photos I captured today in the garden. The plants have gone mad for the past five weeks and these few offcuts were just so pretty!

I found some pretty espadrilles this morning (made in France, yay!) and paired with one of the many striped tops I thrifted in New Zealand the whole outfit made for a very French affair. To top it all off, I applied cat eye flicks and my new favourite lipstick: Hungry Like The Wolf by Antipodes, one I picked up in New Zealand (if you're down-under, check it out, any brand that names their make-up after Duran Duran songs is a good one in my book). Also can we take a moment to appreciate my eye-liner skills? Feeling so much like Charlotte Gainsbourg that I even started posing unnecessarily...
On doctor's orders I've been cutting out caffeine and alcohol. Alcohol isn't really a problem because I don't like the taste but I admit I do drink a lot of tea. I'm taking every opportunity to pick out new and interesting, caffeine-free teas. Today I've had two cups of green tea with rose and mint. Yum! I find herbal teas quite hit and miss though, any recommendations? 

I'm wearing
jeans//Uniqlo    shoes//market    top and sunglasses//second hand from New Zealand    rings//Dogeared and Made

Saturday, 2 August 2014

Grey beach

This summer I'm in New Zealand visiting my relatives down under. It's winter here and I'm missing summer in Europe. But as compensation we're having a stopover, can you guess where? Yep, Japan! While I love visiting my family I always look forward to Japan, it brings back so many memories.

You probably didn't know that I used to live in Japan, in fact I lived there for close to 5 years. It was a fairly formative time, my early teens. It's where I really developed my passion for drawing and became quite enthusiastic about drawing manga (none of it was very good). I also picked up the culture and habits and it did help shape my personality. It's the sort of place that feels both familiar and completely foreign at the same time.

I'm wearing
jumper//Asos vintage renewal    backpack//MiPac via Asos    jeans//Asos    sandals//New Look
boots//Vagabond via eBay

Saturday, 3 May 2014

Easy does it

Getting dressed if often a trade-off between looking (and feeling) awesome and being comfortable all day. I have quite a few outfits that are both awesome and comfortable but can be a little dressy for day-to-day wear (I'd rather not be stared at in Tesco for doing my shopping in a 50's style ball-gown). This outfit wasn't thought out in much detail, rather it grew from the fact that I was wearing this jumper over my pyjamas at breakfast. I added a simple black skirt and a pair of flats and I was ready to leave the house. Naturally, I included some bling (I hate that word) in the form of my bee brooches and some rings. Anyway, after catching my reflection in a window while I was out I decided the outfit was nice enough to be posted, so here we are!

You may have noticed that the photos look a little different, that's because I'm playing with my new(ish) toy; a Sony QX10. I love being able to just stick it in my bag and lug it around anywhere, because it's so small! It's not a replacement for my beloved canon but it's certainly fun and the quality exceeds that of my phone's inbuilt camera. It means that I can take photos at those unexpected opportunities that arise when I don't have my main kit with me, so you might well see more material from this little fellow in the future.

skirt//People Tree   jumper//H&M (men's sale)   shoes//swap   bag and sunglasses//charity shop  
rings//Made and Dogeared   bee brooches//Asos   Watch//Asos