Friday, 13 February 2015

Liberty is for lovers

Valentines schmalentines

Last week I had a girl's day out with my flatmate, and best friend, we headed out to central London on a Wednesday morning in search of Illamasqua and Chinese sweets. We ended up in the basement of Topshop (shudder) and probably my favourite shop in London, Liberty. I've only really taken to stalking the store (is it really stalking if it's not a living entity?) around Christmas to ogle the festive decorations. While browsing all the beauty that I can't have, we stumbled on the chocolate section (any store with a dedicated area to chocolate is a winner in my book) and it's been all dolled up for Valentines! Including some special edition Liberty x Prestat chocolates (subtle hint to my boyfriend right here).

I've never been a big fan of Valentine's day. As the bespectacled nerd that people only talked to when they wanted homework help it was just a shining reminder that other people had more friends (or any
for that matter). At my last school they even had a candy gram (à la Mean Girls). Last year I had my first proper Valentine's date, I got dressed up in a big red dress and my boyfriend and I went to see Casablanca at the Aubin cinema in Shoreditch. We then grabbed some street food, which is hilarious to consume while wearing a giant cape and fur collar, and ended the night with a bottle of buck's fizz (you know, that cheap fizzy stuff they sell for £2 at supermarkets). This year I want to get even more classy and spend the night on the sofa with a nice big takeaway, some sort of rom com and a can of whipped cream (nothing sexual, I just like to eat cream). I hope your Valentine's days are nearly as classy as mine!

Monday, 5 January 2015

2015 Goals


Normally I resist the temptation to jump on the New Year's bandwagon, it hardly seems worth it to do a round-up considering how few posts I've made this year. Every year I make a list of things I'd like to achieve, last year's copy got worn around the edges and eventually lost so a digital version is in order this time. My list of goals is always quite long, and most of the things are quite banal (start making weekly meal plans so I don't run out of food midweek) so instead I'm sharing my bigger goals.


While I'd like to dream of weekend getaways to Stockholm, I just don't have the means to pay for such luxuries at the moment. Instead I want to focus on exploring the places I visit most frequently: London, Geneva, York and Edinburgh. I live in London, my family live in Geneva, my boyfriend's family live in York and one of my best friends lives in Edinburgh. I've got a list of museums and restaurants that I want to explore in London, many of which I'm sure I'll be posting about on the blog (another resolution). I'd also like to save up for one other trip, this year I visited Prague with my boyfriend in July and it would be lovely to do something similar again.

Be happy

This may sound more like a vague life goal but in fact it's something far more personal. Since January 2013 (officially) I've been suffering from panic disorder (which has lead to general anxiety and depression). This year I want to be able to conquer my emotions so I can move on with my life. This isn't something I've mentioned on the blog but if it's something you'd like to read about then let me know and I can write about my experiences.

Make friends

A hard part of my mental health problems is the isolation. Most of my friends have graduated and I feel like I'm in limbo; my new peers don't know me at all and most don't need any new friends because they already have existing social circles. It doesn't help that I'm a naturally shy person. Self pity aside, I'd like to improve my online friendships. Some of the nicest people I knew through the end of school I only knew online, they were the ones that encouraged me to start this blog. This means I'm going to push myself to comment more often on all the lovely blogs I read rather than just lurking, and installing a better comment system on this blog, with notifications and such. I also have friends overseas that I really ought to be keeping in touch with, time for good ol' fashioned pen pals!

Get a job

Last year I had a job working at the student bar, it was alright for a bit but after a while it started to take its toll; the hard work at unsociable hours made me ill, the pay was poor (minimum wage and hardly any tips), friends of management got preferential treatment and the punters often sexually harassed me. They still owe me a sizeable sum so I'm fairly peeved. I'd be quite happy in any sort of part time job, preferably one at normal hours. Any tips on how to apply for jobs with some hope of being accepted? Much appreciated if you have any.


Every year I have the same blog resolutions, blog more often etc. I try to avoid posting that sort of thing, as well as apologies for absence because I hate it when I see it on other blogs. On the other hand, I thought I might as well put it into writing and you can nudge me into action if I don't keep my word. The aim is to post one blog post a week, an achievable goal, but I'm not going to beat myself up if I don't get around to it. Secondly I'd like to branch out and start posting on more topics, mostly food, beauty and travel, typical blogger things, maybe even small DIY projects if you'd like that (at this point your input would be much appreciated). Generally, anything that catches my fancy while I have my camera on me. It's so much easier to photograph things that aren't me. Finally I'd like to start a YouTube channel and make videos!


My biggest hobby seems to be picking up new hobbies! Last year I started learning JavaScript on Codecademy, I want to finish that and move on to Python and jQuery. In the end I'd like be able to code some websites and update the blog to make it more snazzy. I'd also like to make time for the hobbies that I've already taken up. For that I've made small goals; one sewing project every two months, one painting every couple of weeks, and any other little bits here and there. Anything I get up to I might as well share, tying in nicely with my goals for the blog.

Photos are snaps from the past couple of weeks in Geneva

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Bonjour Christmas

Christmas is upon us, so here come the Christmas posts! I'm a sucker for a good wreath, there is one on my front door but my front door is also indoors and much less picturesque. Although this building doesn't look like much, the green tiles along the side really are an interesting touch, makes my walks a little more interesting.

This winter I decided I NEEDED a pair of over knee boots, I was sick of getting cold legs every time I left the house and it seems I have the amazing power to put holes into every pair of tights I own. These boots, that I found at Oxfam (for only £15), really do the trick. So toasty warm I didn't even have to wear gloves. Also my hair is back to being brown, sort of, these photos do make it look quite light, going dark means that the dye fades so quickly. While the pink and blonde were fun, I feel a lot more like myself again. Now I'm just waiting for it to grow long enough to braid.

cape, faux fur collar, jumper and boots // second hand    dress and necklace // People Tree