Saturday, 3 May 2014

Easy does it

Getting dressed if often a trade-off between looking (and feeling) awesome and being comfortable all day. I have quite a few outfits that are both awesome and comfortable but can be a little dressy for day-to-day wear (I'd rather not be stared at in Tesco for doing my shopping in a 50's style ball-gown). This outfit wasn't thought out in much detail, rather it grew from the fact that I was wearing this jumper over my pyjamas at breakfast. I added a simple black skirt and a pair of flats and I was ready to leave the house. Naturally, I included some bling (I hate that word) in the form of my bee brooches and some rings. Anyway, after catching my reflection in a window while I was out I decided the outfit was nice enough to be posted, so here we are!

You may have noticed that the photos look a little different, that's because I'm playing with my new(ish) toy; a Sony QX10. I love being able to just stick it in my bag and lug it around anywhere, because it's so small! It's not a replacement for my beloved canon but it's certainly fun and the quality exceeds that of my phone's inbuilt camera. It means that I can take photos at those unexpected opportunities that arise when I don't have my main kit with me, so you might well see more material from this little fellow in the future.

skirt//People Tree   jumper//H&M (men's sale)   shoes//swap   bag and sunglasses//charity shop  
rings//Made and Dogeared   bee brooches//Asos   Watch//Asos

Friday, 25 April 2014

Who made your clothes?

Korres lipbalm and Dr. Hauschka blush
Oh No Rachio Plate
Today, the 24th of April 2014, marks the one year anniversary since the Rana Plaza disaster. Organized in it's honour is Fashion Revolution Day, taking the opportunity to make everyone aware of how our clothes are made and to question the brands we buy from. There are so many things I could say on the topic, like mention all the other disasters that don't get press coverage, preach about the good and evil in the fashion industry, or make you feel guilty about even walking past a Primark store and not throwing eggs at it. In the end I think I bring up the issue of ethical fashion often enough, so if you haven't seen it, here's my Ethical Directory. If you feel so inclined, give the Fashion Revolution page a look. Otherwise, if you're London based, you might consider joining me at an ethical catwalk and panel discussion next week in Hammersmith, details here.

Sorry for the brief post and the desk acting as my model today, I just got back to London and I'm studying hard for exams coming up in a couple of weeks. I thought of writing a piece about ethical fashion and whether or not it's only for the rich, but on second thought I might leave that bitter argument to the Guardian columnists.
top//People Tree   skirt//American Apparel via a clothes swap   coat//Oxfam

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Welcome to the house of cacti

The best thing about my parents living in another country is that I get to spend my holidays as a tourist, if I can be bothered to leave the comfort of the sofa. Luckily I had the perfect excuse to go exploring, in the form of my boyfriend coming to stay (pictured taking pictures). I decided to take him to my favourite spot in Geneva, the Botanical Gardens, or Jardin Botanique, to give its French name. It's such a tranquil spot, it's hard to believe there's a bustling city just beyond the trees. I particularly love visiting the greenhouses, one of which has two storeys which allows visitors to view all the mighty cacti from above. The gardens also have the best carousel I've ever seen, it has a steam punk feel to it, with animals that are part mechanical, spread across two levels. It would be lovely to see it in action, but on days I've been to visit it has always been shut.

I've bought two pairs of these high waisted jeans from Asos, one in black and this pair, because they're super comfortable (which is good both for being lazy at home and also for work). While I always try to find ethical sources for my clothes, jeans are such a tough spot for me; charity shops often stock outdated cuts while my favourite ethical brands just don't make jeans in styles I love. Having said that, I do own a couple of pairs of Monkee Genes, they just don't get nearly as much wear as the ones I'm wearing here. Any recommendations for ethical jeans brands much appreciated!

Photos of me taken by my lovely boyfriend.
shirt//People Tree   jeans//Asos   bag and sunglasses//thrifted   shoes//gift   belt//my mum's