Thursday, 18 December 2014

Bonjour Christmas

Christmas is upon us, so here come the Christmas posts! I'm a sucker for a good wreath, there is one on my front door but my front door is also indoors and much less picturesque. Although this building doesn't look like much, the green tiles along the side really are an interesting touch, makes my walks a little more interesting.

This winter I decided I NEEDED a pair of over knee boots, I was sick of getting cold legs every time I left the house and it seems I have the amazing power to put holes into every pair of tights I own. These boots, that I found at Oxfam (for only £15), really do the trick. So toasty warm I didn't even have to wear gloves. Also my hair is back to being brown, sort of, these photos do make it look quite light, going dark means that the dye fades so quickly. While the pink and blonde were fun, I feel a lot more like myself again. Now I'm just waiting for it to grow long enough to braid.

cape, faux fur collar, jumper and boots // second hand    dress and necklace // People Tree

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

My November Favourites

Liberty Christmas windows
Birthday Weekend

Last Friday it was my birthday so I celebrated all weekend! First stop was dinner at Franco Manca, which is always a good idea. It really is the best pizza in London. On Saturday I stayed in bed late and then my boyfriend took me to Oxford Street (in hindsight, not the brightest of ideas) to have a look at all the Christmas windows. I also had to pick up my present from Liberty, something totally unexpected and awesome, thank you Liberty Beauty! (Not blog related occurrence, I just happen to have a Liberty loyalty card, which doesn't get used very often).

I've photographed some of my presents and some other lovely things I've been enjoying this month, including lots of pink! (P.S. Check out my new blog header, what do you think?)

Liberty lavender and chamomile body wash
Sunday Brunch

On Sunday we headed out through the torrential rain, to Shoreditch, to have brunch at Dishoom. It was delicious, I had the Bun Maska and Fire Toast, I would recommend the house chai and the pineapple and pink peppercorn jam. Yum! After brunch we had a look around the Renegade craft fair and I picked up a couple of things (including a Christmas present which will obviously be kept secret for now). I also had a look around Blitz Vintage and picked up a couple of cute flats, the black ones below are one of the two I found. 


dress // Kee Boutique    furry collar // second hand    necklace // People Tree    brooch // And Smile

Marks and Spencer shoes, People Tree Necklace, Second hand bag and gloves
H&M bra, Agent Provocateur suspender (second hand), handmade sleep mask
Second hand and vintage flats
Wes Anderson Collection from my boyfriend
My Little Box print from my friend

Saturday, 15 November 2014

Lost kitten in London

One sunny weekend in September my boyfriend's brother came to London for a visit, so I devised a plan to show him the best bits. Some of these were old haunts and some were new to me but all in all it was a great day. I spent about two hours getting ready in the morning, not because it takes me that long to get ready but because my boyfriend and his brother didn't get out of bed until the early afternoon after a night of heavy brotherly drinking. I digress, the point is, I put on waaay too much eyeliner and mascara, as well as a couple of super cute temporary tattoos from Hello Harriet and Fickle. The outfit on the other hand is one I wear almost all the time, I have about four tops I regularly layer under this dress when it gets cooler.

In this post I thought I'd share a couple of the places we visited, which are also some of my favourite places in London. I hope you're inspired to visit them!

dress, top and bracelet // second hand    necklace // Made    UP 24 // Jawbone    temporary tattoos // Hello Harriet and c/o Fickle


Sticky Wings
First stop to cure a couple of hangovers: buffalo wings from Sticky Wings. This is a restaurant I often stop at after People Tree events, it's only a block away and delicious, I can't resist. Make sure to try the ranch dress, it's incredible. 
This was the first time I visited Gelupo but I have been back several times since, my favourite ice cream cafe in London. The ice cream flavours change from day to day and there are several ways to enjoy the ice cream. My favourite is a scoop of ice cream served floating in hot chocolate, yum! Also a great place if you prefer sorbet over ice cream, there's a healthy spread of both.