Thursday, 17 April 2014

Welcome to the house of cacti

The best thing about my parents living in another country is that I get to spend my holidays as a tourist, if I can be bothered to leave the comfort of the sofa. Luckily I had the perfect excuse to go exploring, in the form of my boyfriend coming to stay (pictured taking pictures). I decided to take him to my favourite spot in Geneva, the Botanical Gardens, or Jardin Botanique, to give its French name. It's such a tranquil spot, it's hard to believe there's a bustling city just beyond the trees. I particularly love visiting the greenhouses, one of which has two storeys which allows visitors to view all the mighty cacti from above. The gardens also have the best carousel I've ever seen, it has a steam punk feel to it, with animals that are part mechanical, spread across two levels. It would be lovely to see it in action, but on days I've been to visit it has always been shut.

I've bought two pairs of these high waisted jeans from Asos, one in black and this pair, because they're super comfortable (which is good both for being lazy at home and also for work). While I always try to find ethical sources for my clothes, jeans are such a tough spot for me; charity shops often stock outdated cuts while my favourite ethical brands just don't make jeans in styles I love. Having said that, I do own a couple of pairs of Monkee Genes, they just don't get nearly as much wear as the ones I'm wearing here. Any recommendations for ethical jeans brands much appreciated!

Photos of me taken by my lovely boyfriend.
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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Want: Kee Boutique Summer 2014

Kee Boutique is an English brand selling ethical clothing handmade in the UK, a brand I haven't had the opportunity to feature before (except in my ethical directory). I did buy one of their Autumn/Winter dresses but never got around to posting it, luckily it's quite a transitional piece so I'm sure you'll see it here soon. For now here's a look at the Summer lookbook. I don't usually post lookbooks or collections but I had to make an exception to share these beautiful photos, shot in Paris by Camille Richez.

I really want to treat myself to one of these pieces as a post-exam treat, but I'm torn between the pink dress, the white dress and the navy playsuit. Which is your favourite?

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Gingham girl

I feel almost as if I've been hibernating, hiding away for the winter. My job, part-time work at a bar, means that I've been tired during the day and when I haven't been tired I just haven't felt like taking photos. I've had a hundred great outfits and perfect locations but for once I was just enjoying the moment and not documenting any of it. It was refreshing but I do miss blogging. For the past month I've been quite active on instagram, it's really nice for documenting the small things that don't make it onto the blog and updating more regularly. I know I've been slow to jump on that boat, but hey I'm there now!

☼ ☼ ☼ 

A little shout out to Soph at & Other Things, who hosted the giveaway through which I won the bracelet and ring.
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