My first sewing machine project: Annette, the light summer dress

June 13, 2010

So last week I got my Threadbanger sewing machine!
As a first project I decided to use a Burda magazine pattern, and I used an old duvet cover so as not to destroy any good fabric. The duvet cover is actually quite lovely, it's an off-white and has small, pale white dots all over it. You can only see them if you look closely. Instead of a zipper closure I used the snaps that were on the bottom of the duvet cover. It has two tiers and a lined top with straps at meet at the back.

Without further ado, I present Annette:

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  1. beautiful dress and photos!

  2. lovely dress. spectacular photgraphs. are youa professional photg or do you have a professional camera? great look!

  3. @Ashley - Thank you :) I'm not a professional photographer at all, and my camera isn't entirely professional either, it's only entry level. It's a canon EOS 400D in case you're interested :)


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