Young Blood

August 25, 2010

So, FINALLY I got pictures of my playsuit! Lets all celebrate this occasion, which I have been putting off for ages... actually, just enjoy the photos :)

The weather here is still so lovely, I feel reluctant to put on autumn clothes (and besides, when it's in 28 degrees plus, that's not really an option). Although I wouldn't mind this playsuit with some over-the-knee socks and brogues.

The playsuit is made from a lovely polkadot cotton I got on holiday in Slovakia in April. It's lined with linen, to give it structure and so it's not as see-through. It closes with a zipper and several snaps. The shorts are based on a burda magazine pattern, but I made them high waisted instead.

Hype me on lookbook? :)

Playsuit - made by me
Hat - vintage
Belt - second hand
Shoes - Converse
Bag - from a street market

Today's song comes from The Naked and Famous:

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  1. Sunflowers look a bit tired on the first pic... Not enough water I guess? We could do with sending some over from Wales, it feels like October here! Love the pics, and although I'm not too keen on playsuits this one looks very nice and definitely suits you.
    Take care,

  2. Wow that is such an amazing playsuit, I absolutely adore the back of it! How did you make it?? =D

  3. I love your photos.
    So vintagne, and summer. :D
    What kind of camera did you use, please? :)

  4. Popbabe7 Yeah, the season's over and all the plants are dying. It's so sad, but it also means pretty autumn leaves. We had quite a bit of rain lately, there were puddles in the field, so I don't think it's a lack of water. I'd pack up some sunshine and send it to Wales just for you if I could :)

    Sian Thanks, the back is just two pieces, a sort of u-piece. I based the top of the playsuit on a t-shirt, and just put a big hole in it, and the shorts are a burdastyle pattern.

    Veru Díky! I use a canon 400D (and my Czech is really bad by now :( )

  5. I rEAllY And tOtAllY lOvE yOUrE plAYsUit! OMG Its lOvlEy!

    AmAzIng pIcs BTW

  6. That looks really great. Very nice. I love your hat too.


  7. I can't believe you made this! It is so lovely and the cutout back is to die for. And a bicycle in your pictures? What more could you want? The quality of these photos is great. I'm in the market for a new camera. Do you have one you'd recommend?

  8. rEe: Thanks! :)

    Kirstie: Thanks, I wear the hat a lot!

    Lucy: Thanks so much! ♥ I use a Canon EOS 400D, if you're looking for an entry-level DSLR then the newest in that range which I think is the 500D. I'm partial to Canon though, you can find nikons with very similar properties and prices, just personal preference really :)


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