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July 05, 2011

New dress! I made it shortly after my exams finished but didn't get around to photographing it until last night. I didn't have a zip so I used two buttons for the closure. It's wonderful for running around in, I spent most of the evening prancing up and down the garden! Also, for your pleasure, my friend's cat, she had such a perfectly grumpy expression when I woke her by accident.

I almost forgot to mention the hair! Yes, I dip-dyed my hair pink and I love it. I'll try and get better photos of it when it's down as well as posting the inspiration, perhaps you too will be inspired to choose unnatural hair colours this summer.

The floral wreath is handmade, the socks from asos and the shoes were a gift from my mother.

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  1. Lovely pictures ! And lovely dress :)

  2. i love the dress! It's impressive -- not to mention beautiful.

    I love the pink too! i've been tired of plain ol' hair, so i love when people do something interesting with it!

  3. Oh my, that is a beautiful dress and your hair is lovvvvely! following your blog xx

  4. lovelovelove these photos, you look like a doll in the fabulous dress you made!

  5. Lovely dress. Great fabric choice. I think the button closure is better than a zip. Did you use a pattern?

  6. I'm in love with this dress.


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