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August 08, 2011

Someone didn't want me to take photos today. Dinner was late so I missed the last of the sunlight, even as I cycled out the sun had set. The best photo was out of focus. My camera ran out of battery half way through. They're all really just my fault, but tomorrow is another day and I can get more photos then. Also, these photos seem to be far less saturated on blogger than in photoshop, I should really fix the colour profile. I also scouted a bunch of new photo locations in the area, including a trashed caravan, I've got the perfect shoot in mind, I just have to execute it.

In other news, I made a simple summery tank top. Scalloped hem and collar just because I like them. It's the same fabric I used for my peter pan collar dress, and another old sheet used for white scraps.

Handmade top; old shorts from the back of my wardrobe; asos socks and thrifted shoes that you can't see in the photos. Pity, they're quite lovely.

Also, I made a tumblr I post random inspirations and photos, and daily thoughts that I won't post here. More of a personal blog.

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  1. i like fotos, the best one for me is 5 foto.


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