Horse and I, we're dancers in the dark

August 17, 2011

Darn, all the photos I upload seem to be so much less saturated and far more washed out when I post them online. I really need to get the photoshop on my family's computer figured out. I left my laptop in London so I could carry more stuff, and now I have to live with sharing someone else's computer. Sucks, just a little bit. I would love a macbook, I got to use a pro when I went away to an adobe training event from school, alas those times have passed.

Okay, so the shorts. I spent 2 days painting these horses onto pattern pieces I'd cut out and only 2 hours sewing it all together. Somehow the horses on the front aligned perfectly. My other favourite horse is the one with three legs in photo three. Used a burda magazine pattern with a few adjustments and an old sheet. Simple and easy.

Shorts - handmade
Shirt - thrifted; $1.50
Belt - asos; $4

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  1. oh those horses! lovely fabric.

  2. Those shorts are made of win. Love 'em!

  3. I love the outfit! and they're cheap too! good job! following you! follow me back maybe?

  4. I love those shorts! You should put more tutorials on so I can look super cool too! :)

  5. I would seriously buy a pair from you if you were up to making another one :)

    but only if you want to ;)

  6. Amazing! And wow, who takes your pictures? All of your project pics look amazing - mine are usually taken inside against a white/gray wall.

  7. Thanks for the comments :)
    Hanna: I'll try and put something together before Semptember.
    Astrid: I take all my own photos, just stick my camera on a tripod.

  8. I cant believe you made these! I was so shocked I specifically wanted to see where they were from! I love the horse print!


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