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August 16, 2011

Just a few quick photos from today, I've got another sewing project on the way, just finished with the pattern, now the simple task of assembling the bits. I love this playsuit I bought it on sale when I first got to uni in London. It's really not a good thing, my uni is a 10 minute walk from the nearest UO which means I have the tendency to browse it during lunch break.

I managed to catch a grasshopper in my hat while I was wearing it, and when I was leaving, a slug was attached to my tripod. It grossed me out but I didn't want to hurt it in my attempts to remove it.

Also, I look freakishly pale, I only noticed today how I could see every last vein through my skin. I have pale ghost skin. Not sure if you can see in the first photo but the only part of me that tans is my upper arms. Really? What? I once got an awkward tan wearing this playsuit and thigh high socks, that was a bad moment.

Anyway, I'll be taking a few photos of the things I would sell in my etsy shop soon, just as a bit of a preview so that I can get your opinions on it all. You are all so lovely!

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  1. Your photography is absolutely beautiful! I was flicking through the EBEW site and saw your pictures, had to check out your blog. This is such a cute outfit. Also, don't worry about the pale, I'm living in a fog-addled province so I'm just as pale!

  2. That dress is just too wonderful!

  3. You have so many styles!All Nice!

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