Just another diamond day

August 09, 2011

Alternate title: The 60's called, they want their stuff back.

When I shoot indoors it's usually rubbish and because I left it too late to go outside. Today the weather was rubbish so I tried indoors again, and I had a concept idea, the 60's (how vague can you get?) It turned out quite well, it was fun, and the photos turned out quite fun (I think so anyway). The vinyls are some signed 7" EP's and singles that I won in a contest a few years ago. The typewriter I got at a charity shop for a few pounds, I love the colour and it types perfectly. I love the reaction photo, the glasses are my real glasses, and yes, I do wear them because I really am quite short sighted.

Title is a Vashti Bunyan song, go listen to her, she's lovely. Especially her stuff from the 60's (see the connection? Yeah, I'm so clever).

Wearing: Dress: thrifted vintage; shirt: thifted; sunglasses: asos; glasses: lyle & scott.

Pattern Mixing | Everybody, Everywear

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  1. I love the prints you mixed - the dress is gorgeous! And the styling of the photos is really fun.

  2. Cool photos! And the print mixing is so fun!

    14 Shades Of Grey

  3. I like it and that's all that matters. But really, super cute!

  4. Such lovely photos! I like this mix of patterns

  5. I came by because your EBEW photo was intriguing. Your pattern mixing is flawless (I don't have similarly-colored patterns at ALL) and I dig the style. That is one incredible dress you have.

  6. I like your photos...they tell a nice story. I appreciate your spin on this challenge, it has me feeling a bit nostalgic.

  7. Oh, Vashti Bunyan! Love her! That you referenced her, have such a lovely typewriter, and rock out the photography (especially adore the 3rd photo) makes me instantly a fan of this blog. Great post!!

  8. I Love your dress! And these pictures are adorable.

    <3, Krust

  9. These photos are so fabulous and I lovvve the mix of prints you used!

  10. Have you seen the movie "The Boat That Rocked"? You look exactly like one of the girls from it!


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