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August 01, 2011

So I finally dragged my lazy butt out of the house to get photos of the sunflowers! They were all facing the wrong way so I was shooting from within the field. It was very lovely there, a good spot for reading a book. I also found something that made the whole walk worth it, but I'm keeping that a secret until I can get decent photos, but first I have to find some bleach!

My mum bought me this dress at a charity shop, she was buying furniture and I got this from their clothing section. I saw someone leave with the most adorable dress that I wish I'd found. Can't have everything I guess.

I've loaded my mum's old agfa clack with some nice new film and I'm hoping I can get some nice photos of life in France. So far I've managed to double expose two of three photos, just because I have skills.

Dress: thifted; Belt: thifted; Sunglasses: Asos; Camera: My mum's.
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  1. Such beautiful pictures! I can't stop looking at them, they are gorgeous. I'm way too lazy to dress up and walk all the way to a nice dreamy location and take pictures, so I admire people who do. :) Great job.

  2. Your hair is so cool looking!

  3. Thats a great dress! As cute as the other dress may have been, this one is fantastic. and such a beautiful location for a photo shoot! Sunflowers are my favorite. :)

    Jess - Check us out if you get the chance. :)

  4. Found you through Spunky Chateau's Thrifters Link-up...these photos are gorgesou!!! I really love your dress and sunglasses too!

  5. Such a pretty dress. I guess part of the fun of thrifting is the thrill of the hunt; there are a limited number of things and you can't be the first one to find every item! So glad you joined in on Thursdays are for Thrifters this week!


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