See him fashion a cap from a page of Camus

August 13, 2011

Took out my yukata today, for playing in a new field I found, the old one was mowed. The old field that is, not the yukata. I went thrifting and then watched some fireworks in the evening.

I was thinking of opening an etsy shop, I've got a tonne of vintage clothes, some of which I don't wear all too often and it's a share keeping them all in my wardrobe. Any thoughts on this idea?

Wearing: thrifted vintage silk blouse, jean cut-off shorts, thrifted vintage belt, thrifted vintage shoes.

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  1. The yukata is beautiful! It makes for great photos :) An etsy shop would be fantastic! I would really love to see what sort of lovely things I'm sure would be up!

  2. lovely photos, and your blog is so cute! the etsy shop sounds like a great idea:) x

  3. Your yukata is absolutely beautiful! I love how you styled it with oxford shoes. Beautiful photography.


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