Autumn has come to my hometown

September 28, 2011

I went to a vintage jumble sale on Sunday, at the East End Thrift Store. My boyfriend and I filled a big bag for 20 pounds. One thing I found was this jumper, I was drawn to the colour but decided it was too big. It fits my boyfriend, and I said he could have it, but I love it too much. Mine now.

Jumper - thrifted ($1.10)
Shirt - thrifted ($1.50)
Dress - thrifted ($3)
Socks - Asos ($2)
Shoes - thrifted ($1.50)

I'm so glad it's autumn again, the crunchy leaves and beautiful colours, I could spend all day just listening to Joanna Newsom drinking apple and elderflower juice. Too bad I have to go back to uni next week, otherwise my dreams would be fulfilled. How have you been? Been able to dig out those cosy jumpers for chilly autumn evenings?

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  1. Love your socks! It still feels like summer where I am so I am (impatiently) waiting for the day when I can break out my boots and sweaters.

  2. I love socks!!! And Autumn. Autumn is pretty awesome :)

  3. Your pictures are about as stunning s pictures can get <3

    Good call on snatching back that chunky sweater from your boyfriend- it looks fantastic over the blouse!



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