I feel just like a child

December 03, 2011

Jumper, dress, shoes, sunglasses - thrifted, tights - asos, necklace - gift, camera - ebay

I found this jumper in the children's section of the charity shop, they had four of them and I nearly bought every one (I would have if my boyfriend hadn't stopped me). It's from a school in Chelsea with the most adorable school uniform (mustard and burgundy) and the jumper sells for about $70 new! I bought myself there tights as a mini birthday gift to myself.

Also, don't forgot to enter the giveaway!

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  1. That jumper is fab. I would be overjoyed if I found something like that in a charity shop!

  2. Hey! I stumbled upon your blog through Chictopia and instantly fell in LOVE! Your blog is lovely and I cannot get enough of this outfit :) can't wait to see more!!

    Cheers, Kat

  3. Oh how lovely you look in this outfit! The tones in these pictures are just impeccable.

  4. Lovely sweater
    Lovely necklace
    Lovely pictures
    Lovely atmosphere

  5. Really lovely! The colors and the whole vintage vibe is so inspiring. I also love this location, it looks so wonderful with your outfits :)

    Wild Flower

  6. Love that mustard sweater, so cute w/ the colorful dress! What a lucky find on this & the shoes, always love hearing such great thrifting finds : )


  7. Another wonderful colour combination... nothing like mustard and blue!

  8. I love these images so much xxx perfection


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