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January 03, 2012

New year, new hair, as the saying goes. When I discovered half a packet of pink hair dye at home I couldn't resist recreating my dip dye, it's longer than last time but still not as long as I'd like it. It was a fantastically beautiful day today, clear skies that lasted until the afternoon so that I could capture a wonderful sunset. Here the sunsets are better in winter because in Summer the sun sets behind the mountains so it isn't possible to get the low angle, but in the winter it sets over some hills to the south, much better for photos. I'm quite annoyed by the saturation in these photos, only the communal computer has photoshop but there is something terribly wrong with the calibration and I can't fix it. I'll probably save all the editing until I get back to London before uploading them to flickr.

I've been obsessed with monochromatic outfits lately. I say lately, this is the second one. However, with my bright hair I couldn't help but to add a pop of matching colour in my socks. I realized later that with the polka dotted shirt and the pink hair I'd been unintentionally channeling my inner Charlotte Free.

Wearing: thrifted shirt, handmade shorts, and old belt, shoes and socks.

As part of my new year's resolutions, I'd like to get to know you all a bit better and to make some new friends. So tell me something about yourself, what are you funny quirks? Or if you'd like to become pen pals just drop me a line.

(I'm getting annoyed at outfit posts, do you like them? I feel like getting rid of them and instead doing more interesting photo shoots, but that would mean fewer posts. Or I could make a new blog for that. First world problems, to the extreme).

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  1. love the hair, love the shorts

  2. I love your blog, but it is cetainly up to you as to what to post- why not get a little creative, it isn't as though you can't still post outfits when you like.
    I love you dip dye hair, I am by no means as adventurous as you to do it, but it is certainly a fun and unique look.

    As for your question, I suppose everyone has little habits and unconcious behaviours so one of mine would be that I prefer my watch on my right hand.

    Love Alexandra

  3. Your hair looks fantastic, like it's on fire almost! Also, I carved a couple stamps to print on fabric the other day, and your shorts are motivating me to actually get to it. As always, your photography is stunning.

    I really enjoy your outfit posts, but if you don't want to do them, definitely take a break! It's better to write about what you want to write about than to get burnt out on it! I've thought about getting rid of my outfit posts and just posting projects, but I fear I would never post. But really, if you don't like it, certainly don't feel obligated to keep on! You might find, after a break, you're more inspired by them again.

    & thanks for commenting so sweetly on my blog, lady! I miss meebo chats & lookbook exchanges!

  4. Love your outfits and your photos/poses. Stay the way you are!!

  5. These photos are beautiful, especially the first.
    And I love your hair!


  6. Amazing shorts!! I'm really liking monochrome lately, too!

  7. nice outfit!! and i love your hair!! (:


  8. Great little pair of shorts! Love your look!

  9. These pictures convinced me that I should finally try out fun coloured hair this summer. I'm thinking of turquoise or pink tips.

  10. Your hair looks amazing! I really wish I had tried this myself before I decided to lop all of mine off. Oh well. Your photos are great too, such beautiful light!

  11. Really in love with your blog and all the clothes you make!
    it is so lovely.
    How long have you been sewing?
    and how did you learn to use patterns?
    what is your inspiration?

    haha so many questions ;p



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