Hold me dear into the night

February 02, 2012

At last, some decent photos. The sun has returned to London, although it is now much colder which means my half hour walk to lectures is the weather's newest form of extreme torture. On the other hand, the sunshine is a welcome change to the constant dreary cloud and bitter rain.

More roof photos but I like these so much better than the last ones, I chose a better time to catch the light. Not to mention, my seemingly never ending search for the perfect white jumper may finally be over! I found this 80's fisherman jumper at a charity shop on Tuesday. The 80's produced some decent clothing after all, who knew? I also thrifted this pleather jacket the same day, my first "leather" jacket, I've always wanted one and red is the perfect colour. Paired with some awesome new shoes, I felt like this was an outfit for going to kick some butt. Although I think this is also partly due to the rather vampy lipstick which is my new favourite accessory.

Wearing: thrifted jumper, jacket and dress, Urban Outfitters shoes, Asos sunglasses, and tights from my mum.

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  1. Stunning! I am obsessed with these photos. Sunset is such good lighting. You look awesome too!

  2. epic natural lighting!
    also love your sweater & floral skirt, awesome style!

    xoxo, izzaura

  3. wow!!wt a grt photo..love everythng ur wearing..so chic:)

  4. Gorgeous photos! I always love the way you edit them :)

  5. wowoww, that sweater is adorable.
    i want those red wedges too!

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    Miss Kwong - Art and Fashion

  6. I also used to find great stuff in Oxfom :) lovely photographs!

  7. your pictures have such character and pretty sunshine! loving this cozy look

    pandaphilia style


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