Helplessness Blues

February 11, 2012

I only went out to buy bread from the local shop and yet managed to get an incredible quantity of stares, not to mention the guy who called me Harley Quinn (has he ever seen Harley Quinn?) Not a bother, they were giving out free lindor so that made up for it substantially.

Somehow I decided that lots of pink with this dress was the best idea ever, when I got this morning. After some contemplation I decided it was too pink and girly so, to add an ironic twist, I threw on my new denim shirt and my trusty skull necklace. I cannot truly express my love for this denim shirt, I've been wearing it almost every day since I thrifted it.

Wearing: thrifted dress, denim shirt, pink silk shirt, belt, antique necklace, Urban Outfitters shoes, and the tights were a gift.

As per request, here are some additional photos of my oh-so interesting life. I made scones and cucumber sandwiches for my boyfriend's birthday. It all made for an excellent afternoon tea served with afternoon Darjeeling, raspberry jam and Cornish clotted cream. Bonus fact: the cake stand doubles as my jewelry stand when we're not trying to behave like civilized citizens rather than students.

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  1. Beautiful! Love the dress, the styling, the!

  2. Those pictures of the scones and sandwiches look amazing! And the outfit is gorgeous! :)


  3. this looks perfect and yummy! i love the dress and shoes! you wore it well :)

  4. these pics are oh-so-stunning! <3

  5. You are such a great thrifter! & love that you wore a bright pink button up under that dress- such a cute look w/ all the color. Did you make the scones from scratch? they look amazing.


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