Lion Hearted Girl

February 05, 2012

It snowed in London! It's been the topic of all conversations all day and I would say it's getting old but I never get bored of snow. I might change my mind if it were a permanent fixture for half the year (I'm sorry for those of you that have to endure this sort of weather on a far more regular basis, having cold wet feet does get tiresome after some time).

On Friday I had a very successful trip to oxfam, one of the items I found was this hat (for only a pound!), as well as some curtains which I'll be adjusting and posting a tutorial of, if they turn out any good. Somehow I ended up in a lion-tamer-band-leader sort of mood, hence the resurrection of the military jacket from the depths of my wardrobe. I'm glad I've kept hold of it, it's still a copious amount of fun to wear.

Wearing: Oasap skirt, H&M jacket, and everything else is thrifted.

I'm going to try and include photos of my day in my posts, of things that aren't just my face, I'm starting to feel a little very narcissistic. Don't get me wrong, I love posting outfit photos, just maybe with a few other photos thrown in there for good measure. What do you think?

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  1. Love the Florence + The Machine title and the jacket is great!

  2. You look so sweet! Great combination!
    Fashionhypnotised girl

  3. I adore that top shot with the closeup of that fab jacket and the rooftops in the background. And I totally know what you mean about feeling narcissistic...but I agree, don't stop the outfit photos! I'd love to see some additional photos from life in London!

  4. Not only are these fantastic photos, the scenery is beyond gorgeous! Also, I don't think I could fair with such cold weather like snow.

    I do agree with what you mean about feeling narcisstic w/ so many outfit posts. That's why I also post daily activities, my photography + writing. But don't stop taking outfit posts - they're too lovely!


  5. You thrifted that coat & boots? so awesome- seems like there are amazing thrift stores around there! & i know what u mean, outfit photos def make me feel narcissistic too so I try to throw in a few others but sometimes there's just nothing else I've photographed.

  6. Ahh I had to comment on this incredible jacket! It's very Captain Beefheart and for that reason I am eternally jealous x


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