I'm counting the waves, I'm counting the waves

March 05, 2012

It's just one of those weeks, one of those weeks when I like what I'm wearing and I have time to photograph it. I was in luck too, the sky cleared in the afternoon and I got sunset photos. I also bought a new watch and some vintage gloves so I can play dress-up. The only thing that could make a day better would be some wonderful music, the new Anaïs Mitchell album, and some cake, of which I have plenty.

It's probably quite obvious that I was pining for the sea today. It all started with this new striped cardigan/top that I found on Saturday at oxfam. It's from Workshop (an intriguing New Zealand brand) and the colours made me remember the harsh coasts, the bitter wind, and the grey skies of our family seaside holidays. All that I regret is that I didn't wear a bow tie.

Wearing: H&M hat and spotted tights layered over asos white tights, Daze of the Week necklace, and everything else is thrifted.

I've decided to hunt out more items made by independent designers, I've been browsing etsy for clothes and jewellery as well as prints and other pretty things to decorate my room with. Do you have any suggestions? So far I'm looking locally but all suggestions are welcome.

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  1. Pinterest is a good place to get ideas. I know most things on my wishlist come from Etsy...

  2. Love the look. Love the pictures.

  3. Folksy is a British-based, Etsy-like shop. They have really cool stuff. x

  4. i really love this simply vintage chic style!! love the hat & the brownie shoes ♥
    great natural lights on the photo!

    cheers, Izzaura

  5. Great outfit inspired by the ocean :) loving, loving the outfit too!!



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