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April 16, 2012

It's been a while since my last blog entry, I've had plenty to share but nothing to say, so no posts. I've been away on holiday, visiting my family in France. Unfortunately, the weather has been dreadful, I'm sure this is true of much of Europe at the moment, but I can't help feel personally victimized. Just Spring weather for ya though! In the occasional spells of sunshine I've been rushing straight outside, camera in hand, to snap a few shots. I'm sure I'll get around to posting them eventually but for now, here are the most recent ones.

You can't tell from the photos but a bitter wind was blowing, raising goosebumps on my legs. It was worth it for those few minutes of sunshine, somewhat. I headed back inside soon after though, to eat homemade cheese on toast (yeah, I made my own cheese) and have a big glass of orange juice. The adorable fur ball above is George, my family adopted him at Christmas as a present for my brother, he just celebrated his first birthday! (He's also a wonderfully portable cat, more on that later though.) The last photo is Stephen showing off his newly thrifted shoes and wearing my strap on roller skates.

Wearing: hat found at home, sunglasses thrifted from Fara, Urban Outfitters watch, skirt thrifted from Caritasand shirt and shoes are thrifted from CSP.

You see? George is a wonderfully portable cat. Just put down a bag and he jumps right in and makes himself comfortable. Carry him around and he doesn't object. (Not for a while at least.) Back to talking about clothes though, I love the print of this skirt that I found on Saturday. (We drove around to three charity shops all around town but I only managed to buy one thing, I was very picky.) The skirt has a wonderful rope and chain print that makes me think of horses and a day at the races, which in turn makes me think of the recent happenings at the Grand National, not a positive association, oh well. Once I get back to my main wardrobe I might put together a ways-to-wear-it post with this skirt because something with such a bold print can be difficult to style. Honest opinion time: would you be interested in "how to wear it" posts?

Last but not least, here are photos of all the things I've thrifted since coming home. Maybe I should have a thrifted Tuesday/Thursday post dedicated to the things I find or maybe I'll just tack them onto the end of ordinary posts. It's a wonderful feeling of showing off, oh internet friends, you're the only ones that care!

Vintage rope print skirt, vintage floral dress, fringed floral scarf, neon orange shorts, black chelsea boots and 60's style red sandals.

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  1. I can't wait to see those neon shorts in action! They look fun.

  2. lovely pics and outfit and I love the cat! especially that it stays in a bag, I wish mine would do that :)
    I love showing off stuff too, since the internet cares more about thrifts than the people in my life do :)

  3. Your skirt is so so beautiful! I love the print and the cat is so cute! :D

  4. beautiful photos! those green cabinets are to die for!

  5. loving the strap rolling skates! so cool.. and amazing photos.. you look lovely.. cute christmas present btw

  6. The shoes are sooo cute! You find some amazing thrifted items.

  7. I would love to see a how to wear kind of post. Those shoes are amazing (the ones your wearing and the chelsea boots).


  8. Great vintage finds there! And I want to steal your cat.

  9. beautiful photos and you are so good at thrifting! What camera do you use? xxx

    1. Thanks, I use a canon 400d, nothing special but it does the job :)

  10. Gorgeous pictures, you are a very talented photographer. Amazing thrifted finds and I adore what you are wearing. Your cat is very cute, he looks like a younger version of mine! I'm so glad I found your blog, I'm now following. ♥
    X Jane

  11. Such lovely finds!!! Great blog. I'm a new blogger and new follower.

  12. Following! great photos & I love your vintage finds! your cat is adorable also!

    Much love <3 Tanya x

  13. to be concise - i just found your blog and i ADORE it! so glad i stumbled across your link. i love what i've seen so far...!

    your style, photographs and writing are all beautiful! excited to read on!


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