Lovestruck with my new dress

May 13, 2012

Lately I've been very tired. There's so much to do and so little time, it's hard to know where to start. When the weather is dull and the grey clouds have rolled over, I lack the motivation to even lift a finger. But when the sun peeps out from behind the clouds and sends tendrils of warmth to this otherwise chilly London, I'm kept inside by work and the sun's rays of energy are wasted on the concrete. Although the most truthful thing to say is that I enjoy wallowing in my fabricated lyrical woe.

Wearing: Lovestruck dress, Urban Outfitters shoes, antique hat and old belt.

Enough of me being sappy, and more about this dress! I've been saving it up for something special but circumstances prevent me from getting any of the pretty photos that I so dearly want. It isn't even warm enough to go without tights for more than half an hour, even with the sunshine. It's a pity too because these photos don't do the dress justice. It's such a lovely print and the lovely rich navy colour means that it's perfect for any season. To top it all off, it has the most adorable collar, don't you agree? The brand is Lovestruck. When they contacted me I couldn't suppress my excitement, they have such an adorable collection of dresses and tops (like bunny print? Hello, yes please!). I'm also excited because this means I'm finally sharing clothes that you too could own, if you wanted. (Though always check charity shops first, because you never know, you might find something awesome. I found a scarf print dress just yesterday, but it had nothing on this beauty!).

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  1. this is the cutest outfit EVER


    helen @

  2. So pretty! :] The print is fabulous and I love how you styled it so fabulously. The boater is adorable. I've been on the search for one just like it.

  3. This dress is so fantastic! You look great. :)


  4. cute dress and cute hair :D
    follow my blog and i will follow you too!
    Decimal Shoes blog
    Decimal Shoes Web

  5. Oh I love everything!!

  6. absolutely perfect. gorgeous dress, gorgeous clogs, gorgeous pictures.

  7. Ah wow, this outfit is so perfect! Your hair is beyond words, it makes me want to cut mine to a respectable length so I can do the same with it. I feel you on the hatred of wasted sunshine, although at the moment I'd take any sun at all.

  8. ooh your hair looks amazing like this! love the dress too of course :) x

  9. love your hair
    I just found your blog and fall in love!
    like to follow each other? hope so!
    I already follow you on Bloglovin!!

  10. this outfit is gorgeous! you have amazingly great taste my dear
    XX Ilana @ My Modern Vintage

  11. wunderschön :-) super sommerlich!


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