Blogger round-up: Inspiration rainbow

June 15, 2012

Hello everyone, thanks for sticking with me, I've still got one more week before my exams are over and then I'll be back to frequent spamming (with my face on it). Recent attempts at photos have been cut short by the rain, with results that could hardly be considered satisfactory. Instead I give you a great big round-up of things I've loved on the bloggersphere (anyone else hate that word?) For fun, it's all been arranged into a somewhat rainbow assortment, and what round-up is complete without a cat? The answer is none; all cats, all the time!

Speaking of round-ups, Erin of Calivintage recently featured me in one of her's, and the lovely Leila posted an interview with me about thrifting. So check out their blogs (they're both featured in the above round-up too).

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  1. I love these types of posts!

  2. what a gorgeous post...i feel inspired just looking at it!

  3. ★ (・∀・)

    love pictures on your blog :) very nice layout. clean and charming. love your blog.
    i am following you, would you like to follow me back? -:)

    my blog (≧∀≦) σ :

  4. Thanks doll ;) Glad you liked some of my pics <3

    Loving that scalloped mustardy dress by the pond. I would wear the hell out of that.

  5. Brilliant post - so many lovely things to distract me!

  6. gosh, the world without cats can’t exist at all. i noticed that all the dresses and sunglasses in this round-up are amazing! especially love round pink ones :>

  7. Hey, I don't know if you got my reply to your comment, but if you wanna talk Wellington second-hand and opshopping just email me and I'll tell you everything I know! georgianess at gmail!


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