Blending in with autumn trees

October 19, 2012

I've been rather lazy with taking photos for the blog. These are from last Sunday, the weather was lovely so I went out for a walk to, surprise surprise, Holland Park. These photos only happened because I loved the tree arch so much that I had to pose under it. It would make a fantastic entrance to a secret garden or maybe an abandoned mansion (it is Halloween season after all). Had to crop a bunch of the photos because apparently my face wasn't cooperating so I ended up looking like an alpaca mid-chew.

It must be the transition with autumn combined with the start of term that's making me dress like a school girl. I even wore a little tie! You can't see my hair from behind but I had a big brown bow clipping it back (bows, bows, bows, bows, I love you so!) Also, I love tweed. So that would obviously mean I love this jacket I got from vivilli, I spotted it on their website and loved the leathery accents on the elbow and collar and football buttons (some of my favourite buttons). Maybe I should do a little round-up of school-y things I've been coveting lately, there's nothing better than new stationary after all. And posts, posts are also good.

Jacket//c/o vivilli    tights//asos    watch//Urban Outfitters   bow//H&M
Kurt Geiger shoes and Zara jumper//thrifted from oxfam    bag, shirt and skirt//thrifted in Geneva

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  1. Your outfits are always the prettiest! I need to desperately find a skirt like that, they're the most adorable in the world! This outfit is just a dream!

    Jessica | Vixenelle

  2. aw I love the little bow on that blouse! Great photos, the setting is so beautiful for Autumn!


  3. ooh damn, awesome photos dear!
    maybe we can follow each other if you want? :)

  4. These photo's are oh so lovely.
    And your outfit is just perfect!


  5. These are some ofthe best Autumn pics I've seen in ages! And I love your outfit- where is the little bow on yor shirt from? Is it attached to the shirt?

    1. Thank you, glad you like them! The bow is just a brooch that my mum bought me as part of a brooch set from H&M a couple of years ago. You could quite easily make your own, I've been meaning to for some time now.

  6. such a perfect autumn outfit! I love the colour of your tights!

  7. what a chic preppy look! i love your blazer so much :)


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