Inspiration: Space Princess

October 27, 2012

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Hallowe'en is just around the corner so the next few posts will be dedicated to my obsession with dressing up. Whenever a costume is required I start mine with a desire for clothes that would be otherwise very impractical. This year I've got nuts for lamé, sequins, glitter and, anything else that sparkles. The natural extension of this is a space princess (also, being a space princess would be so cool). I'm imagining a character sort of like the Doctor but with more sparkle and instead of a TARDIS, a robot space unicorn. She travels through time and space and has her own theme tune.

I usually make my costumes from a combination of bought items and DIY pieces to bring it all together. I've included a bunch of clothes and accessories that would be awesome for a costume and could be worn even after the trick-or-treating is done. I mean, just look at that silver velvet, who wouldn't want to wear that all the time? My isn't until next week so I'll be busy crafting all this weekend, watching spooky films and listening to themed music.

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  1. Wow, I love all the sparkle make up and that moon diadem! Looks like an awesome costume!


  2. This inspiration is perfect! You will look beautiful as a space princess. I only wish Halloween was a bigger celebration here in New Zealand.
    Xo Jane

  3. amazing! ^________^


  4. i've just come across your blog and i love your photos! and being a space princess, although it's not a real thing, would be a wonderful halloween costume! especially using all these photos for inspiration. :)



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