A day at the natural history museum

November 25, 2012

Day at the natural history museum

Sorry for the lack of posts, my birthday, nay, my entire week, became a non-stop session of sitting in a computer lab and working on my computing project. So I got to see barely any daylight, let alone take any photos. On the other hand, I've almost completed my cape, so expect to see photos of that soon.

These photos are from before the start of term, when I was moving back into my flat. I had to go collect some papers from the university and while I was there I popped into the natural history museum. I usually end up at the science museum because it's about one hundred metres closer to university. Not to mention the free IMAX films on weekdays, and interactive children's area. I'm not going to argue which is better (science, definitely science, and I'm not biased because I'm a science student, not at all...) but I thought I'd share some of my favourite bits of both. In an ideal world I would spend my lunch times wandering through the lesser visited exhibits and sketching bird bones. Alas, my lunch times are spent sitting at a computer desk, with a pot noodle or a pie, working on code, or in a lab with no food at all, inhaling solvents.

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  1. Nice pics! Can't wait to check out the new exhibition on depicting animals...

  2. Awesome pics! Thanks for inspiration:)


  3. These are very beautiful!
    Take care, dear, don't forget to eat

  4. ah, the natural history museum would be such a fun place to explore, lucky you for going to uni so close by to it and the science museum!


  5. mmm, solvents...


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