Wednesday in the cemetary

November 01, 2012

Who'd have thought that hanging out in cemeteries would be so much fun? Well that is until they kick out you, in a most unceremonious manner, with a flashing van. Or if the cemetery decides that about midday on Hallowe'en would be the perfect time to shut up and go home, after I'd made the effort to walk all the way there. (No, I'm not bitter, what makes you say that?)

I didn't really plan this costume, it just happened. My flatmates and I watched the Addams Family a few nights ago and Wednesday is probably the coolest character, so dressing up as her is probably cool. The tights are from the kids section of H&M, they have ponies all over! (Yeah, I buy stuff from the kids section, so what? It's half the price and double the cute.) The collar was a quick little DIY. Incidentally, if you want to make your own there's a tutorial on the Oxfam Fashion Blog.

Lastly, a little blog announcement! (Drums please.) I'm starting a month-long blog-a-thon (I hate that word, I will endeavour to never use it again). Yup, if it all goes to plan then I'll post something every day of this coming month. It won't be just outfits though; sewing projects, tutorials, round-ups, who knows what I'll post next? (I know, because I've written it all down.) So I hope this doesn't put you off following me, I'm just going to try a bunch of new things and stick with them if you guys like them. Also, it's my half-hearted attempt at taking part in NaNoWriMo BlogMo (although my flatmates fancy themselves as novelists, I lack the necessary stamina/intelligence/inspiration to take on such a project).

I leave you with my attempt at a scary gif. Happy Hallowe'en to all, and to all a good-night! (Whoops, wrong holiday!)

collar//handmade    uniqlo dress//thrifted from oxfam    top and bow//H&M    skull necklace//antique    
pony tights//H&M    Kurt Geiger shoes//thrifted from oxfam

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  1. That gif is perfect!! so fun:) cool cemetery!

  2. This is a great post... The outfits and photos are fabulous! I love the last still photo :)
    Good luck with your BlogMo, I really like that idea.

    Happy Halloween,

  3. Nice one! Love the plotting fingers shot (#5) <3

  4. the "blogathon" sounds great! I've tried something similar a while back, and have been posting daily ever since!
    love your interpretation of Wednesday!

  5. That gif should win an award. Good luck on your blog-a-thon!

  6. These are some of the best outfit photos I've ever seen. You captured it all perfectly :)

  7. I love these pictures and I love Wednesday Addams. I watch The Addams Family around Halloween pretty much every year. I just love the dark humor so much. I definitely would love to dress up as Wednesday for Halloween some year. You look adorable in your pony print tights and pigtails!

  8. One of my all time favourite posts of yours - these pictures are amazing! My favourite thing in the world about your blog is how you combine outfit photos with creativity and imagination..each one is a little story in itself :D

  9. This is perfect! I love Wednesday Addams :)


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