Forgive me I am only a maid

December 02, 2012

I'd like to introduce you to the newest addition to my outerwear family: the maids' cape. I'd like to imagine that it belonged to a maid at a large mansion somewhere in Scotland (because Scotland is cool) where the owner of the house insisted on adorable matching uniforms. In actual fact the brand provide uniforms for hospitals and factories and have been doing so for over 100 years. When I wear it I feel unlike both these things and more like a small child off to school, especially with the hood up. Navy and red were colours I had to wear as part of school uniform so the connection is further enforced. It's woollen and the lining is too, I found it at Geranium Shop For The Blind, a shop I don't usually check but I'm so glad I did.

Speaking of capes, I'm almost done with my handmade one. I've just got one last seam to hand stitch and then a lot of basting to undo. My head is swimming with new sewing ideas and I can't wait to get started. It'll probably have to wait until next weekend or maybe even the Christmas holidays. This time of year is such a busy time! I've been thinking of making some handmade gifts too, but shh, no spoilers!

cape//thrifted from Geranium Shop For The Blind    shirt, bag and shoes//thrifted from oxfam    pinafore//Dahlia    tights//gift

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  1. This is the most gorgeous outfit I've laid eyes on in a while. I can't believe your luck in scoring this cape.

  2. Oh that cape is just amazing! I love the mysterious and cool!

  3. Capes happen to be one of my favorite things in the world, and this one makes me particularly envious that it isn't in my wardrobe! This whole outfit is fantastic!


  4. ron this cape is amazing! i can't wait to see the one you've made yourself. also your new hair suits you so much (i may have commented something similar on a recent post, but i'm saying it again. because i can).

    Laila x

  5. this cape is AMAZING! I love the hood on- super cute!

  6. That cape is stunning, and most importantly, it looks nice and warm! x

  7. You are adorable, and that cape is AMAZING!

  8. How in the name of God did you get so lucky to find that cape in a thrift store?! I'd pass out from glee haha. And I can so see that in a castle in Scottland. Gorgeoussss

  9. The cape is just gorgeous <3
    You always have the most beautiful pictures!

  10. you remind me of a glorified harry potter with this cape. the red lining is absolutely gorgeous! I discovered you on chictopia today and thought I'd say hi :)

    It would make me happy if you visited too!
    pandaphilia fashion

  11. Alternative title: Cape of Good Hope?

    Also, great spot you found to take pics!

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  13. You are gorgeous! I want that pinafore *_*

  14. Beauuuutiful lady! I have wanted that dahlia pinafore for so long. And that cape coat is amazing!!!


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