The angel from the Christmas tree

December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas everyone!

At my house we celebrate Christmas with a big meal on Christmas eve, the day is spent cleaning the house until all is squeaky and then we put on our best festive outfits and stuff ourselves silly. We do that part the Czech way (with lots of Czech Christmas biscuits after dinner) but presents are still Santa's job and we open those on Christmas day. All our traditions are a mix of different cultures, it's more fun that way.

Here's what I wore before I had to loosen my belt to make room for my food baby; a sparkly dress from Lovestruck (it's on sale) and a big bow! I found the bow in the seasonal section of the local supermarket and it was too good not to wear it. I look a little like I should be the angel sitting on top of the tree. The ears were a Christmas present from a friend and I found the shoes in New Zealand at a charity shop (or should I say op-shop?) that was having an everything-for-$2 sale.

It gets dark so early that I chose to take some photos inside, not the best, but hey, it can't always be perfect. Besides, there's lots of space at home, for twirling and dancing. Not to mention, the beautiful Christmas tree (which I would like to take full credit for). Now it's time to dress up again and play with all my new toys!

dress//c/o Lovestruck    cat ears//gift    shoes//thrifted in New Zealand    bow//Christmas decoration    belt//taken from another dress    makeup//Dr. Hauschka

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  1. Merry Christmas! You look beautiful, such a gorgeous festive outfit, and I love the idea of using a decoration as a belt! Your Christmas sounds like a lot of fun. I hope you have a wonderful day.
    X Jane

  2. i love the dress and bow and shoes and cat ears! your traditions sound a lot like ours - cleaning the house and eating till we drop :) happy holidays!

  3. Oh..that dress is just simply beautiful and perfect for the Holidays! :D

    Merry Christmaaas! :D

  4. There is so much that I love about this post, the bow at the back, the shoes, the headband, the way the dress swirls...
    perfect dress for such occasion! X

  5. That is just the prettiest Christmas dress! x

  6. me encanto la penultima es muy hermosa foto.


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