Pressed flowers and pearly whites

January 18, 2013

We're half way through January but I feel as though months have passed. Many of the things that have happened are very new and not necessarily to my liking, that's just life for you. I'm focusing on being creative, putting aside some "me time" to think and just be in my own little bubble for a while. You can probably tell from the photos that my room is a bit of a mess, I've been sorting through my wardrobe and making piles of things to donate. I also did a bulk washing of all my sewing fabrics so it doesn't slow me down when I really want to sew.

Last Saturday I went to a farmer's market in Fulham, it was a lovely (though rather bracing) walk. The market was small but we didn't need much, I'd like to return this week with a better plan now that I know what's on offer. On the way back I passed by a print shop that was selling all prints for £2. I managed to pick out these two prints of flower illustrations. The book I'm holding is one I picked up to do a little background reading for my literature report for university, I'm looking at the crystals in butterfly wings. I think it's quite interesting and if you'd like I'll keep you updated on any nice things I find.

trousers//thrifted from oxfam    silk top//mum's

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  1. Couldn't help spotting the Tim Walker book, is that an original? I thought there were inly about 100 of them! :O

    1. It is Pictures, but the 'ordinary' version not the collectors edition. They both look the same under the dust cover. It was a Christmas present last year, lovely but so expensive!

  2. beautiful i'd love to hear more about the butterflies ♡

  3. beautiful, beautiful. I am also trying to do more creative, "me" time to distract me from some unpleasantries. This whole post was dreamy and serene.

  4. I really hope things look up for you <3 I adore that top! Your mom must have wonderful taste <3

  5. The prints look beautiful and do please tell us more about the crystals in butterfly wings, sounds intriguing...

  6. Świetny blog :)) na pewno będę wpadał tu częściej! :)) Zapraszam do mnie:

  7. I really like the vintage atmospere in these pictures!


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