The Divis Mountain walk

January 08, 2013

My mum always says that the things you do on New Year's Day set the path for the rest of the year, but I have yet to climb another mountain, let alone go for a walk. I celebrated New Year's Eve in Belfast, with my friends family. It's the first time I was away from home from New Year's and it was all quite surreal. But families will be families and I felt welcomed with open arms (quite literally too, there was much hugging involved). The festivities were more boisterous, and involved much more dance and drink that I'm used to. On the other hand, there were no fireworks in the backyard (which is probably for the best considering the state of intoxication of some of the party goers). At the chime of midnight everyone held hands and danced to Auld Lang Syne, at home we toast and light sparklers. Have you got any special New Year's traditions?
coat//thrifted from oxfam    lace patterned trousers//thrifted    gloves//found in a drawer    
faux fur collar//gift

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  1. I spent my first every Christmas away from home this year and I kept wanting to shout 'That's not the way you do it' at my husband's family whenever they deviated from my own family's traditions...I just about managed to keep a lid on it though :) I'm a little concerned that my lazy hungover New Yrs Day has set the tone for the rest of the year now :) Lovely pictures and that's one amazing Christmas jumper above!

  2. Beautiful photos! I don't have any special New Year's traditions! Just whatever is cheap and fun!


  3. Those photos are great and I lov eyour camel coat. I always like to go for a walk on New Year's Day, no matter how short, as it always seems to be such crisp, fresh weather around that time - house parties or gatherings with friends are typical as I hate going out on NYE as there is so much pressure to drink and have fun (plus it's expensive!) when really it's like any other night.

  4. Lovely photos! I really like your scarf xx

  5. Just fell in love with your blog. Holy cow. FOLLOW-FREAKING-ING!

  6. i always wanted to light sparklers for NYE- ive never gotten around to it! and i love your mom's thought that the way you spend the first day will set the mood for the rest of the year. i'd definitely make it count then ;) and i LOVE your pictures, they're so pretty


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