Titanic Belfast Experience

January 20, 2013

The second of my two posts from my trip to Belfast; a trip to the Titanic Experience. Here comes confession time, I've never actually seen the film! The Leonardo DiCaprio version, or any of the other ones for that matter. Nonetheless I was brought up knowing the story and I've seen documentaries aplenty so it was fascinating to see the Titanic's full story. As much as I hate the sound of a cruise, the Titanic sounded most luxurious!

Below I've attached a photo of a message sent from the Titanic that I found childishly amusing. I'll admit that I giggled at the idea of the Titanic telling another ship to shut up.

coat//thrifted from Oxfam    silk shirt//thrifted from Oxfam    skirt//thrifted    tights//Asos    
camel hair jumper//old    bag//thrifted    boots//secondhand gift    fur collar//Christmas gift 

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  1. I'd love to visit the Titanic Experience. I must say I was obsessed with the film but even before that I found the tale so sad and fascinating.

  2. I've seen maybe ten minutes of the movie, just the end part, but I went to a similar Titanic exhibit years ago. When you entered, you were given a ticket with a real person's name on it, and the end you could see whether or not they lived. I remember I got "Lily Potter", a first class ticket-holder and a survivor, and I thought that the name was a great coincidence. And the "shut up" made me laugh!

  3. omg!!!! i adore your coat!!! it looks so chic!! :D

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  4. This sounds so fun, I was a pretty big titanic (ahem, Leonardo DiCaprio)fan growing up! That message is so funny, thanks for sharing!
    xo Hannah


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