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January 27, 2013

After sitting in a rut for a while (you may have noticed, no outfit posts) I got out and took some photos. This time I mean I went with a friend and said friend took photos of my for a minute and then we went back inside. Okay, I admit, we did walk around a bit before going back inside because the weather was quite lovely. The only problem was that the park was very muddy (from all the melted snow) and rather cold and there was a warm fuzzball of love waiting for us back in the house. I like to think of the house as an 'artistic retreat' (except pretend it doesn't sound so pretentious), because it's so nice to get away from the city and the tiny flat I live in and be able to wander about in some open space (even if it is just a park and not a wild forest).

Thanks to my retreat I'm full of renewed enthusiasm to create, so as soon as I've tidied my room and dusted down my sewing machine I'll be making again! So bear with me dear readers (those of you that I haven't scared off yet), as I go off on a magical new adventure. (Not really an adventure and not really magical, but whatever happens I'll be sure to blog about it).

Here is a cat, she's really cute.

coat//thrifted    dress//thrifted    top//American Apparel    boots//thrifted    sunglasses//thrifted

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  1. Aw I love these prints mixed together. Your dress is super cute and that thrifted coat is awesome. I really love the black tights and long-sleeved top worn with the cute mini dress. It makes it perfectly appropriate for the cool weather.

    1. Thanks! The long sleeved top and mini dress combo is my new favourite for winter, otherwise my neck gets cold!

  2. I love the dress - it has a real 60s mod feel to it! And that cat is so cute with the narrowed eyes and pursed lips (as odd a description of a cat as that sounds!).

  3. So pleased you did an outfit post as both the coat and the dress are great finds. Looking forward to seeing what adventures you go on with your machine too.

  4. You look amazing in the second photo. It's so nice to have open space like woods or park around you, an escapade from the bustling and busy city.
    I wonder why cats are so photogenic, I swear they pose better than human lol

  5. You always take such beautiful photos :)

  6. Your dress is awesome, love the pattern mix with the coat too.

  7. I love vintage clothes and I love vintage outfit posts but I hate that I can't then go buy that dress! I love everything about this outfit, perfect colours for a stroll in the woods... And I'm glad to hear you're in a creative mood, looking forward to seeing what you end up making! x

  8. wow love the print mixing, you look amazing!

    Drawing Dreaming

  9. Yay creative retreats! ;) And I definitely understand the need to get away from the city once in a while. I feel my creative hiatus is coming to an end as well. Maybe it has to do with spring coming?

  10. i loveee the print on your coat! i don't think i really own anything brown/orange in my whole wardrobe but they do look really lovely together!
    little henry lee

  11. Would it be weird if i told you you looked like that lovely cat? That's a good thing by the way


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