City life in the glory of pink communal skies

March 07, 2013

For several nights I've dreamed of forests and large, open fields. I can't wait to go home and feel at peace, the city so often overwhelms.

Pictures from this weekend, taken in my new chair. I found it on ebay with 10 minutes left to go and no bids, discovered it was only a couple of blocks away so bid the minimum and got it. I'll take some better photos later, it has a great shape.

I've also changed my blog layout, I might bring back the flowers but for now I like it as it is, clean yet soft. The follow button on the side is actually a drop down list of places you can find me, including instagram which I don't think I've linked to before. Next on my list is updating my About page.
dress//c/o Lovestruck     necklace and bracelet//Delilah Dust (£1.70 each)    belt//thrifted (£1.50)   tights//Asos (£6)    bow//thrifted (£1)

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  1. Your photographs are pure poetry, evoking serenity and softness :)

  2. I love living space photos! I wish I were better doing it in my own place, but they never turn out very well. These are fantastic!


  3. these are lovely :) loving the little bow in your hair! xx

  4. Your dress is so beautiful. I love the simplicity of it. Also love the bow on your hair it gives the whole look a great vibe. Isn't it great how accessories set the tone of an outfit?

  5. The bracelet is so beautiful! and I like the new, softer look.

  6. I love love love the necklace! I have a Mars necklace; that would be a nice compliment to that.


  7. Oh, the colours in this outfit are so perfect.

  8. i love this color palette! and your necklace! and the bracelet!

    i guess i really just love everything about this.


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