People Tree and a tiny bee

March 02, 2013

In honour of Fairtrade Fortnight I thought I would put together a nice Fairtrade-y outfit. The dress is one I picked up at the People Tree sample sale in January (I was intending to go to their sample sale earlier this month also but I was caught up in my work at the time). It's from the A/W 2009 collection, made from handwoven cotton, and super lovely. Also looking back at these photos I look quite a lot like Alice in Wonderland (is that just me? might be just me). As it's still quite cold and the neckline is a bit low, I've been wearing the dress with my American Apparel turtle neck.

I've also been wearing my new things from Deliah Dust quite a lot, I've got three necklaces that I switch up from day to day but I wear the bracelet non-stop. They are all the perfect balance of being interesting without getting in the way. Also who doesn't love little bees?

This year I made a resolution to stop buying cheap, low quality clothing from high street chains and to buy only second hand, handmade, vintage or otherwise sustainable clothes. Of course I'm not going to throw out the clothes I already own, instead I'll try to spend less often and then I'll be able to spend a little bit more on pieces that will last longer.

So there's my babble about Fairtrade and sustainability, if you're interested in all that you should go read more and get involved. Sorry about the wordy post.

Also, People Tree are running a competition to with £500 to spend on their clothes as part of Fairtrade Fortnight, and it's awesome because free clothes!

dress//People Tree (sample sale, £20)    necklace and bracelet//Delilah Dust (£1.70 each)    boots//thrifted    
turtle neck//American Apparel (£5)    tights//thrifted from oxfam (50p)    sunglasses//thrifted (£3)

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  1. I love your dress and those sunglasses are super cute!

  2. In love with that bee necklace! You look so pretty!

  3. The bracelet is really cool!

  4. I am in love with your dress its beautiful! xx

  5. I have a bee necklace identical to this that I got for xmas and just got another bee necklace for my birthday ( see here: )love your movement into ethical fashion- another one joins the ranks! yay!

  6. Ahh, love your outfit as always! The dress is awesome! It reminds me of a modern day Jayne Eyre dress!


  7. Lovely dress - wish I'd been able to make it to that sample sale!

  8. I am a little bit in love with your arrow bracelet - perfect!


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