Denim, white and a varsity jacket

April 24, 2013

Continuing on the theme from my last post, of being friendly to the Earth, the story of another People Tree sample sale this past weekend. They are my weakness, so many pretty clothes for such a good price, especially considering that they're Fair Trade and organic. In fact, I end up justifying buying too much just because it's for such a good cause. At least the sample sales are only once a month! I know I won't be spending much (if any) money otherwise because I'm studying for exams and for that I don't need to leave the house. (It kills me that we're having a period of beautiful weather, right when I need to stay inside.)

I should mention the jacket I'm wearing because ever since I bought it this weekend I've hardly taken it off. I found it in the children's section but it's a small women's size; it's more structured than a cardigan but more comfortable than a jacket. Plus the grey and cream match almost everything I own. Most of all I couldn't resist the 40's/50's vibe of it. Put it on and suddenly I feel like an American teen. I plan on turning the plimsoles into saddle shoes with a little fabric paint magic (with matching tutorial of course) for that extra authentic vintage feeling, like in these photographs. I also tried to give myself 40's style lips, as instructed by the lovely Tanya. Lastly, it's also very important that I carry a comb, for impromptu hair grooming in the style of Grease:
Yeeeeeaaaah, I'm that cool...
varsity jacket//thrifted (£3.50)    organic cotton top//People Tree sample sale (£5)    shoes//thrifted (£2)    socks//old    
organic cotton skirt//People Tree sample sale (£10)    hair bow//thrifted (£1)

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  1. Love that jacket (and hair bow!)

  2. haha, you had the comb and everything! I look forward to seeing the saddle shoes and tutorial :)

  3. I want to hum grease lightning now! Love the jacket!

  4. Your skirt and your socks are so cute! I love people tree but it's a little out of budget for me which is sad xx

    1. Thanks! I can only buy people tree at sample sales otherwise it's all way out of my budget too. If you can't make it to one, the online sale section is also fantastic. You can also use the code BEACH15 for £15 off £50 if you want (but the sale is a better deal).

  5. lovely inspiration.
    Goodness, this photos turned out great.

    Love the outfit, specialy that beautiful jacket.


  6. i really adore your preppy sporty style, so cute & vintage chic!
    love how you mixed the sporty varsity jacket & denim skirt, perfect combination!


  7. It's just starting to get to the point where knee length socks are weather acceptable in Manchester, which is fantastic news! Ace outfit x

  8. I just love how visually eloquent your posts are. This outfit charmed me out of my socks! <3


  9. omg I love the last photo!

  10. You probably have noticed I've been absolutely OBSESSED with varsity jackets lately so I'm in love with this post!!! I absolutely adore how you styled it - and I really love the 5th picture <3

  11. You look lush Ron! Love the jumping shots and the Grease feel, plus you can never go wrong with plimsoles and knee high socks :)

  12. aww you look so cute in this outfit! I absolutely love the photos on this post, so unique :)

    Drawing Dreaming

  13. Such a perfectly cool schoolgirl feel to this outfit. I love the varsity jacket with the denim skirt and knee socks.


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