New Zealand sunsets by the sea

May 30, 2013

I hear that on Thursdays it's commonplace to post photos from yesteryear, so I've decided to partake in this ritual and bring you photos of my summer holiday from last year. As you may, or may not, remember, I went to New Zealand last summer because I'm half Kiwi and we go back ever few years to visit the family. We spent a few days in the north of the North Island, in a house by the sea. It was unseasonally warm (it was the middle of winter after all) which is why I'm wearing short sleeves and showing off my bare legs. I've included a photo of a fern so that you will be truly convinced that this was New Zealand and not just Europe.

skirt//handmade    shoes//thrifted    top//Urban Outfitters 
Lastly, I was invited to attend the last of the Ben & Jerry's Sundae School, an event to hear Liz Earle and Safia Minney (of People Tree) talk about ethical beauty and fashion and, importantly, eat lots of ice cream! The event is happening on Monday the 3rd of June (this coming Monday), at No.11 Cavendish Square starting at 6.30pm for stuffing faces with ice cream and the talks start at 7.

Join me!
The lovely people organising the event (no, not Ben and Jerry themselves, alas) have given me five pairs of tickets so that you (lovely readers) can join me for ice cream and ethical discussion. If you've in London on Monday then please join me, just let me know by leaving a comment or sending me an email and I'll add you to the guest list. Although I doubt there will be five replies, I'm giving out the tickets on a first-come-first-served basis because the event is so near.

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  1. such beautiful photos! the hand made skirt looks so pretty!

  2. Lovely pictures. I so wanted to go to this event, Sounds amazing and I love icecream unfortunately I am just back from hols and have so much work to catch up with. Have a fantastic time.

  3. these pictures are so lovely and summery <3

  4. those photos are more than perfect. i love this shoot i love this outfit, you are genius!

  5. These pictures are so lovely, I'm in love!

  6. Mmm - yum! NZ looks so wonderful - I went there during my gap year and fell in love with the place x

  7. Love your photos! Your mustard lace top is absolutely perfect! Will follow via Bloglovin

  8. you look sooooo beautiful! and the photos are lovely :) Www.SaveeCouture.Com


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