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May 08, 2013

Firstly I find it most important to inform you that my hair that my hair is still pink, I was a little hasty in posting my first pink post just because I was so excited to share my newest hair adventure. The problem is that I now have a small backlog of photos pre-pink which might be a little confusing. For the time being I'll try and disperse them evenly amongst the pink until I have no more left. That is, if I can be bothered to post them at all. These photos were taken as I was leaving my friend's house in Surrey and heading back to our London abode. He has a lovely flowering bush in the front garden that seems to be in bloom almost all year round. I also had to take these in front of at least three builders standing no more than 20 metres away. They didn't make a single comment, which must be a first!

Another reason for posting this now is the lovely, lovely dress. It's yet another Orla Kiely for People Tree piece (what can I say? Orla has a way with clothes) that I got at yet another People Tree sample sale (what can I say? I'm too poor a student to buy things full price). The exciting thing is that this time I wrote this post prepared, prepared to write about how you, yes you, could obtain these sweet, sweet clothes for the same low, low price. The answer: yet more sample sale! There is one small difference, I'm volunteering there on Friday and Saturday. So if you live in the south of England and can get to East London this weekend, come say hi! (I have pink hair, it's hard to miss). On the other hand, I'm terribly shy and make very awkward conversation so perhaps it is best that you stay at home and admire the clothes on the internet.

And if for some reason you don't live in the south of England then the goody bag from people tree is a random selection of archive pieces that one might find at a sample sale, but with an element of surprise!
dres//Orla Kiely for People Tree    sunglasses, shoes//thrifted    flower comb//handmade

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  1. Beautiful, beautiful photos - that dress is gorgeous on you. I'd love to enjoy a glass of bubbly at the sample sale, but since I'm in the Southern United States, I will have raise my glass in spirit only. :-)

    That goody bag is so tempting, though...

  2. My first thought when I saw the photos was "Oh no, were did the pink hair go?" Good to know it's still around, haha. I can't wait to see all of your future photos with the new hair. I love it, I wish I had the guts to go pink. Maybe someday...
    The dress is so pretty! As is that beautiful bush, perfect for some photos.

  3. What a pretty frock - and nice work getting it in a sample sale!!

    Alas I'm in the north west and won't be able to make it, but I hope you have a fab time :)


  4. you look lovely here sweetheart x

  5. what a lovely look, i love this dress and every lil detail of this aw!

  6. That dress is soo pretty!


  7. You got that dress! So jealous, I'm mad for that print so I've bookmarked it for a DIY. And wow, brave to take photos in front of builders :(

  8. Ooh, I wish I could have gone to this hope you had fun and picked up lots of bargains! x

  9. That dress is gorgeous, and I love these photos. Didn't you just want to climb into that bush? I used to love hiding in flowery bushes when I was little xo

  10. This dress is adorable! I think it looks perfect on you. The collar on it is great. I'm really loving the gorgeous flowery background for these pictures too!

  11. love these! you look adorable:)


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