Hair tutorial: How to tie a scarf in 7 ways!

June 12, 2013

So I haven't taken any photos lately, I could blame the fact that I recently lost my tripod in an incident involving a picnic and a department store bathroom, but really I'm just lazy and too shy to photograph in public. Instead I have a post involving about tying a scarf in your hair, 7 ways! I actually love wearing scarves in my hair, it's fun and looks nice too! It's good for summer when I like to carry a light scarf in case the weather turns sour or if it starts to rain.

The scarf I'm using is one I was sent by Front Row Society (FRS) late last year, I've introduced them before but I thought I'd write a little more now. FRS create a variety of products; scarves, swimsuits, leggings, bags, and shoes. The twist is in the fact that they allow anyone to submit designs according to a theme (approximately monthly) and then a small selection of winning designs is chosen through votes by the public. The winning designs then go into production and anyone can enjoy this democratic product. My scarf is still available and on sale for £18.

Method 1: Ponytail bow
Pull hair in a high ponytail, loop the scarf around the ponytail a few times and then tie it into a big bow on top.

Method 2: The 'turban'-style headband
Centre the scarf at the back of your head, bring both ends to the front and twist them around one another by 180°. Bring both ends back around your head and tie them into a small knot at the back, tuck the knot under the middle of the scarf to hide the ends.

Method 3: Grace Kelly
Drape the scarf over the top and back of your head then loops the ends around your neck and tie into a small knot that can be tucked away. Put on sunglasses for the full Grace Kelly effect, be fabulous!

Method 4: Twisted flower
Start by tying the scarf around your head with the knot at the front. Twist the scarf ends in opposite directions then twist them together. Continue twisting until the scarf starts to fold in on itself then arrange it in a spiral. Once you reach the ends, tuck them in under the spiral and through the centre of the flower You can use a safety pin if you're scarf doesn't stay on it's own.

Method 5: The full 'turban'
Wrap the scarf around the back and top of your head. Twist the ends around one another by 180°, bring them to the back, tie a knot and tuck in the ends.

Method 6: The slightly 70's hairband
Wrap the scarf around your head and tie it at the back, bring both the ends over one shoulder.

Method 7: Bun bow
Pull hair into a high bun, wrap the scarf around and few times and then tie a bow in the back.

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  1. I think the half turban is my favorite (that could be as it's the one I do the most) i also think the flower is super cute! Great post idea! Also sorry to hear about your tripod, our once was stolen along with out car. I hate when i lose things that are so handy! x

  2. I like how the head scarf looks ... look (ha!), but I'm not the best at working a scarf into my hair, so these tutorials are great! They all look lovely.

  3. the giant bow looks SO cute with your pink hair!

  4. Fab post - you have some nifty scarf skills! I'm a fan of the turban headband but haven't experimented much beyond that: a summer challenge for me then...

  5. This tutorial is amazing! I see you had lots fun!

  6. Love this post. I have been meaning to do something similar for some time but could never get the scarf to go right. I have never tried 'the turban' will definitely have to give this a go.

  7. Thanks for the great tutorial! I like wearing square scarves in a 40s style but I like the idea of trying a turban or bow :)

  8. love to see you being creative with the headscarf! and i love your pink/orange hair colour loads!! xox

    Check out my new blogpost featuring SUCK IS FREE launch party in Sydney! :)

  9. Lost tripod? Humpf...

  10. I love your idea of making a flower with the scarf! I would've never thought to do that. Thanks for the inspiration!

  11. such lovely ideas, I definitely need to try out some!
    Thanks for sharing! :)

    Drawing Dreaming

  12. I literally just started wearing scarves in my hair and suddenly everyone starts posting head scarf tutorials :p Awesome for me I guess then! haha :p I'm dying to try the Grace Kelly version though.

  13. That is an impressive number of things you can do with a scarf! I particularly like the flower one. I've never seen that before. But as a sucker for bows in my hair I really want to try that one. How do you get the bow to stay up, not flop over?


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