The Grand Eagle Ball

July 25, 2013

On the second of July 2013 I travelled back in time 86 years to 1927, at the Grand Eagle Hotel. This was a special event created by Secret Cinema, that brought to life Laura Marling's new album. I managed to get tickets to the last of the events, on extra night put on after the success of the earlier. I'd heard rumours and it sounded so good that I couldn't resist. 

The invitation read:

The pleasure of your company is requested at the 1927 Eagle Ball to be given at the Grand Eagle Hotel, taking place throughout June with a very special performance by Laura Marling. We have reserved you a room for the night. The Master of the Hotel, Thomas Undine and his trusted hounds will be in the Hotel Reception to welcome you. Be prepared for adventure, exploration, romance, secret music and other strange curiosities at the most eagerly awaited Ball of the year.
All should bring one of the following: A suitcase of unwanted clothes. A briefcase or satchel of unwanted books. An instrument. An old Record.

All should bring the following: Flowers for Josephine Undine, the Mistress of the House. A small secret gift for a stranger. A photograph of an old lover. A Map.

Mr Thomas Undine

Indeed there were many curiosities to be found within the walls of the grand old Victorian school building, that the event was hosted in. Everything from the Drawing Room, a room for drawing a miniature of oneself and sticking it up on the wall, to the room at the top of the tower which was full of doves! The evening of exploration, watching short films, watching musicians play in the smaller rooms, and sipping champagne culminated in The Ball, a performance by Laura Marling of past and current songs. It was great. I've signed up the all the mailing lists and I can't wait for the next secret cinema event!

Although cameras and phones weren't permitted at the event there were professional photographers wandering about. Much to my surprise one of the photos that popped up online recently was of me! (Third photo from the top). Which is part of the reason why I decided to share this, so that you can admire my costume. (I will take any opportunity to show off this dress, I love it to bits. Almost literally to bits, some of the beading is fall off, oops!) I had planned on making my own dress for the ball but I didn't finish it in time, as is always the case. This is my only other 20's themed outfit so I went with it. I'd already worn it once a week earlier, to my university's summer ball (also prohibition era themed), where I worked behind the bar. Below is a photo of me from that night. (Note the sparkly hair, I practically drowned it in glitter).

All the photos (apart from the bottom one) were found here. You should click through to see all the other many curiosities there were. It really was like being transported into a new magical world.
dress//thrifted    bag//thrifted    fur shawl//gift    headband//handmade    jacket//thrifted    shoes//TKMaxx

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  1. What a magical evening and so authentically vintage! You my dear look classic and stunning.

  2. holy shit that sounds amazing and i cant believe that kind of thing exists!

    you look gorgeous! What a dress...what a head of glitter!

  3. is this for real? I absolutely adore this collection of images -- what fun!

  4. Oh wow! What an incredible event! You look beautiful and this sounds like a miniature wonderland - definitely going to have to check out Secret Cinema to see if there are any events near Bristol x

  5. Beautiful photographs and a beautiful outfit, sounds like an amazing event!


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