Garden of Zen

August 16, 2014

Excuse me if I look a little tired, I arrived in France yesterday morning after twelve very long hours on a plane from Tokyo. Before I get around to sorting through all my snaps from Japan I thought I'd share a few quick photos I captured today in the garden. The plants have gone mad for the past five weeks and these few offcuts were just so pretty!

I found some pretty espadrilles this morning (made in France, yay!) and paired with one of the many striped tops I thrifted in New Zealand the whole outfit made for a very French affair. To top it all off, I applied cat eye flicks and my new favourite lipstick: Hungry Like The Wolf by Antipodes, one I picked up in New Zealand (if you're down-under, check it out, any brand that names their make-up after Duran Duran songs is a good one in my book). Also can we take a moment to appreciate my eye-liner skills? Feeling so much like Charlotte Gainsbourg that I even started posing unnecessarily...
On doctor's orders I've been cutting out caffeine and alcohol. Alcohol isn't really a problem because I don't like the taste but I admit I do drink a lot of tea. I'm taking every opportunity to pick out new and interesting, caffeine-free teas. Today I've had two cups of green tea with rose and mint. Yum! I find herbal teas quite hit and miss though, any recommendations? 

I'm wearing
jeans//Uniqlo    shoes//market    top and sunglasses//second hand from New Zealand    rings//Dogeared and Made

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  1. Gorgeous colors in these and all of your photos. You have such great taste. xo

  2. Casual and comfy, I love the entire mood of this outfit, perfect for the end of summer :) xx

  3. Gorgeous photos! Alex

  4. You look adorable. I love this nautical outfit and your eyeliner skills are definitely on point. As for herbal teas, I tend to like all of them but my favorite is any type of rooibos tea.

    Jamie |

    1. Thanks! I do love a good cup of rooibos, especially blends with vanilla!

  5. Your photos are always so beautiful, as are you! I love when you post. Always a delight for the eyes :)

  6. wow I had no idea you were currently here in France! :) love your photos as always!!
    Ester @ Drawing Dreaming

  7. You have greate taste, this is perfect :)

  8. I can't drink caffeine either (it could make me die! Which is pretty intense haha) BUT I go nuts for rooibos, and this amazing tea called "English Tea Shop Cranberry Vanilla Delight" tea. It's kinda pricey but SOOOOO good:

  9. Lovely photographs and such beautiful light and colours


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