Grey beach

August 02, 2014

This summer I'm in New Zealand visiting my relatives down under. It's winter here and I'm missing summer in Europe. But as compensation we're having a stopover, can you guess where? Yep, Japan! While I love visiting my family I always look forward to Japan, it brings back so many memories.

You probably didn't know that I used to live in Japan, in fact I lived there for close to 5 years. It was a fairly formative time, my early teens. It's where I really developed my passion for drawing and became quite enthusiastic about drawing manga (none of it was very good). I also picked up the culture and habits and it did help shape my personality. It's the sort of place that feels both familiar and completely foreign at the same time.

I'm wearing
jumper//Asos vintage renewal    backpack//MiPac via Asos    jeans//Asos    sandals//New Look
boots//Vagabond via eBay

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  1. I would love to go to Japan, you are so lucky!! I love your sweater and your hair is really cool <3

  2. You're so lucky to have lived in Japan! These photos are beautiful with such lovely colors. xoxo

  3. Eeeee I'm moving to Tokyo in like two weeks! So excited! I wonder of we'd overlap?

  4. Ahh, this beach looks so pleasant. <3 Lovely outfit!

  5. Japan is top of the countries I can't wait to visit - just waiting for my bank balance to mirror my enthusiasm first though :) Lovely outfit and pictures - the grey hues of the sky sets off your outfit perfectly. Hoping for a couple of posts from Japan!

  6. Amazing place !!! love your shoes xxxx
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    Message me on insta --

  7. Beach is the most beautiful place on the whole world <33


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