Butterflies in space

October 17, 2014

Look at my hair: it's blonde! I did it right this time, plenty of bleach in the right places and a nice dose of toner! Actually my hair is pink now but I've had a backlog of posts and didn't like the idea of my hair colour switching up between them. I could do a post detailing my hair dye process if anyone is interested. These photos were taken in front of a beautiful mural just off Brick Lane. I'm a sucker for all things space (I do want to be a space princess after all). It also matched the colours of my outfit, and I'm also a sucker for colour coordination.

These last couple of posts have been People Tree heavy. I would say it's just a coincidence but I left France early to attend a Fairtrade Foundation press day at which People Tree were present, after which I was invited to the Street Style shoot and the next weekend there was a sample sale! I'm a sucker for sample sales so naturally I was there. Got myself a dress and a skirt, a modest haul by previous standards.

There's another sample sale this weekend, tonight and then again on Sunday. For those interested, click here to find out more.

dress // People Tree    cardigan // Zara (old)    bag // vintage (my mum's)    shoes // Swedish Hasbeens

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  1. Oh, love this look (and your photography, as always)! I've been "aw-ing" over this hedgehog print ever since I first spotted it on the People Tree website. Love how it looks with your new hair. :-)

  2. your new hair is fab!!! love the back drop too, seems like such a cool place

  3. Loved the outfit and your hair looks so awesome :)
    Loved it1



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