Fly me to the moon

October 09, 2014

Last month People Tree invited a small group of bloggers and fashion minded celebrities to be part of a street style shoot for the latest issue of their magazine, the Eco Edit. I was one of the lucky bloggers asked to join in. It was a great opportunity for me to shamelessly touch all the pieces in the latest collection and create a mental shopping wishlist for this season. We were styling samples which are all size 10 so I chose a tie waist dress to hide the fact it was a little loose on top. This dress just fulfils all my dreams of being a space princess. Moons? Check! Shirt dress? Check. This is at the top of my wishlist and as soon as it hits the sale I'm all over it! The fox purse is also adorable and really well made but it's too small to fit my phone, damn my big phone. 

At the start of the photoshoot I was told to smile so I smiled for the entire time until my face ached. It turned out later I didn't actually need to smile and I ended up just looking like a smiley fool. So enjoy me looking like a joyous child holding a tiny fox. Bonus: there's also a video in which I smile too much and do something so cute that even I want to vomit.

dress and purse // People Tree    shoes // Biba (second hand)    necklace // vintage

Photos by Paris Ackrill

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  1. how adorable! that's an awesome moon dress & tiny fox right there!

  2. So cool! That's the swooniest mooniest dress I've ever seen, and it looks fabulous on you. I'm not a naturally smiley person, so I think I know how you feel, but you have a very lovely smile all the same. :-)

  3. Lovely! I have posted the video on my blog. You looked familiar but hadn't realised it was you! I love the dress, I have a different style of dress but in the same moon print from People Tree.

  4. love your red shoes and your fox handbag <3


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