Japan in red

October 05, 2014

In August I stopped over in Japan on my way back to Europe from visiting family in New Zealand. It's been a few years since I was back and it was wonderful to be there. Since I left in 2007 so much has changed and yet it all stays the same. Instead of posting a day-by-day diary I've sorted my photos into a few colour-coordinated posts.

These first few snaps are from a day out in Kyoto, exploring all the many sights. I bought these Swedish Hasbeens at Urban Outfitters on sale this summer and I love them! I really do understand the hype, despite having wooden soles and no padding for the foot they are still more comfortable than some shoes I own. However, they are an investment compared to my usual thrifted pairs, so scout out those sales!

skirt and top // second hand    shoes // Swedish Hasbeens    watch // Asos    bag // H&M
Another outfit from Kyoto, exploring the centre of the city, doing a spot of shopping and trying out the local tempura, made with an unseasoned batter and served with a bowl of salt. Yet again the Hasbeens make a return, I kept my travel wardrobe simple to make space for souvenirs.

dress and bag // H&M    shoes // Swedish Hasbeens    watch // Asos

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  1. What a lovely outfit. Those first photos of you in the street with the bunting look like you could be in a small Scandinavian village or something. Japan is definitely on my wishlist of destinations - it feels like another planet when I read about it or see it on film. x

  2. I love your style so much and your photos. Keep killin it babe!



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