The cat's whiskers

October 14, 2014

As part of the People Tree shoot, I got to style two outfits, and this is number two. There is a running cat theme in this season's collection from People Tree, while I was tempted to wear it all for the shoot I couldn't find the perfect dress amongst the samples so instead I opted for the novelty jumper. From what I hear of the internet whispers, novelty is on trend, so I'm embracing it with open arms. Also my cats moved to Scotland a couple of weeks ago and I've been suffering from cat-withdrawal; jumper cats it is!

top, jumper and trousers // People Tree    shoes // Vagabond (second hand)

Photos by Paris Ackrill

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  1. too cute! I love the last pic of you- LOVE it<3

  2. Can't ever get enough of cat sweaters. ps I loooove your glasses!


  3. you adorable angel!

  4. Love People Tree! I just wish they didn't use wool, but other than that I love their clothes :)

    Aniqa Dreams

  5. Prom Outfitters : I like your cat sweater, maybe good for winter. Nice Shoot! :D


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