Bonjour Christmas

December 18, 2014

Christmas is upon us, so here come the Christmas posts! I'm a sucker for a good wreath, there is one on my front door but my front door is also indoors and much less picturesque. Although this building doesn't look like much, the green tiles along the side really are an interesting touch, makes my walks a little more interesting.

This winter I decided I NEEDED a pair of over knee boots, I was sick of getting cold legs every time I left the house and it seems I have the amazing power to put holes into every pair of tights I own. These boots, that I found at Oxfam (for only £15), really do the trick. So toasty warm I didn't even have to wear gloves. Also my hair is back to being brown, sort of, these photos do make it look quite light, going dark means that the dye fades so quickly. While the pink and blonde were fun, I feel a lot more like myself again. Now I'm just waiting for it to grow long enough to braid.

cape, faux fur collar, jumper and boots // second hand    dress and necklace // People Tree

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  1. Every colour in these photos correlate so well! That coat is seriously perfect for holiday parties and that skirt is absolutely gorgeous in a quirky way (which is always a good thing)!

  2. £15, what a bargain! Hope you have a lovely Christmas xx

  3. your outfit is so cool!

  4. Excellent boots! I never seem to have any shoe luck in charity shops, well done on your find! :)


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