March 06, 2015

With the rise of the selfie I've felt sillier than ever taking photos in public places. I have a constant fear that someone is going to call me out for being the world's biggest narcissist, posing in front of a great big DSLR. That's also why I hardly ever smile, I'm desperately bottling up my terror. While I do feel fairly ridiculous, posing in front of some strangers house, I also love sharing my outfits*, so I just keep going. These particular photos are a rarity for me; if I want to photograph in a public place I usually have a friend/family member there to help, on this occasional I was all on my own. I hope I one day I'll overcome this anxiety to the point that I no longer look like a plank in all my 'selfies'. But chances of seeing me smile at a tripod? Slim.

dress//People Tree    coat and boots//second hand    bag//H&M

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  1. Your photos are so stunning.

  2. I think most bloggers are afraid to be caught in the act of taking their own photos (unless, of course, they don't) but I think your photography is immaculate and you should not stop taking pictures of yourself (especially in beautiful locations) just because other people might stare. Also, if it's any consolation, your so-called "narcissistic selfies" allow me to look at your wonderful outfits so please don't stop ;)

    Alive as Always

  3. Just get a giant selfie stick.

  4. Well, first of all: You look beautiful! Your outfit is adorably pretty and every little detail is just lovely. I relate so much to what you wrote in this post, it can feel rather awkward to just stand there in a public place posing for... well, a camera. But hey, selfie sticks are even more ridiculous in my humble opinion. I'm also afraid that someone might steal the tripod!!! Can you imagine that happening?! I know it's more practical to have someone else photographing us but I feel more comfortable with an object because sometimes the person is not in the mood to take pics, and then you have to pose and act naturally while... I'm too paranoid, afraid that they might think how shallow I am to ask them to shoot the way I look ahah.
    Gardens are great because you get the amazing outdoorsy daylight PLUS privacy... to an extent :) Which camera and lens did you use in here, btw? I'm curious^^ xx

  5. I get that feeling even when I have someone else take my photos! But hey, in the end I always think it's a great exercise on the art of not caring about what others may (or may not) think. A bit of a technical question (probably also silly and amateurish), how do you sort out the focus?

    1. I agree, not caring is certainly an art and one I'm trying to teach myself the skills of. I used to use a remote and either use manual focus to focus on a point the same distance away from the camera as I was going to be (e.g. the groud, a pole, my bag on the ground) or set the focus points so that when I stood in front it would focus on where in the frame I was. Now I have a 6D and it has WiFi functionality so I can see myself and focus through an app on my phone, it's pretty nifty :)

  6. Taking pictures by yourself where people can see you can definitely be nerve wracking. I hate to explain myself to people and honestly, I shouldn't have to! I think these pictures turned out great though. Your outfit is gorgeous. I love the mix of the blue coat with your pretty pink dress.

    Jamie | PetitePanoply.com

  7. I've been caught out many a time and been given lots of funny looks. Still a strange thing to get used too! Love your dress - such a pretty colour.

  8. I know exactly how you feel. In fact I virtually never do outdoors photos for the same reason. Unfortunately the light indoors just isn't the same. I love this combination of colours, the dress and the coat are so pretty.

  9. Oh goodness! I wrote about this on my blog before. I am always filled with anxiety when I think of people watching me photograph myself. I tend to find spots that don't have many people around, but even if I catch one lone person, I pretty much can't continue until they are out of sight. I had a conversation with a photographer/artist friend of mine, and I expressed that because of the "selfie" I feel it has turned self-portraiture into something that seems narcissistic and silly and makes me feel self-conscious, when in reality it is an art form that has been around for centuries and is just as legitimate as photographing any other type of subject. He said to me that being able to photograph yourself in public, with people who may watch or ask questions should be part of the art itself. From the time you set up the camera to when you have your final images, it should all be part of the process, and you should never feel self conscious or embarrassed about any moment of that, it is often what gives the photograph their weight. I often think about this, I don't think I'm fully ready to commit to something like that, but I like thinking one day I could be less fearful.

  10. I am exactly the same way when I take photos in public spaces. I've still never tried it with a tripod because I am so afraid of people judging me! When I'm feeling brave though, I'll have my boyfriend take my photos on the streets downtown. I think sometimes forcing yourself into a situation helps you overcome your fear. But even so, I'm wondering the whole time if people are thinking I'm completely self-centered. Your photos are absolutely gorgeous though, and I think you look amazing, smile or not!
    <3 Mariah Alysz
    Rya Pie

  11. Loooove your photos and that combination of pink and baby blue is parfait! I feel the same exact way even when I'm taking photos inside. It feels soooo weird but I'm trying to get used to it. I've been pretty camera shy my whole life just because I wasn't happy with my body image but I'm trying to get out of my shell ever since I finally managed to lose almost 30 lbs and now am happy and healthy! Yay!

    I haven't taken too many photos out about but I have feeling I'll be feeling just as weird esp. if I'm going to be taking photos of myself all glammed up in gorgeous dresses that most people would consider only for special occasions so you're not alone. I so don't think taking photos of yourself is being self centered or being a narcissist. I think it's a great self esteem booster and hey, who doesn't love to share their pretty new dress they got. *dimple* I kind of think of my Instagram or blog as a visual diary that I get to share with everybody.

    Ha!, I just read your comment about using your phone as a remote. I think my camera does that too. I've only had it for a few months so still trying to learn everything. Thanks for mentioning that. *smiles* I just might try playing with that today. Sorry for the long comment. lol...

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  12. Even after five years of blogging I get flashed of anxiety when out taking Outfit photos with Dave, it's when people stop and stare as look at me like, err whys she having so many pictures taken? I feel silly but hey people on the Internet love to see our outfit posts so I keep on going and I'm really glad that you do too because I love seeing your photos and the looks you put together. I just tried ignore people when they stop and stare and just think hey they only stop and stare because of how fabulous you look!


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