To the market

July 07, 2015

I don't know if this is just me, but when the hot weather sets in all of a sudden all I want to eat is fruit and veg. Preferably cold and served with yoghurt or cream. But living in London it's quite hard to get a hand on some quality produce. Everything in the supermarkets is over packaged or bruised. Luckily for me I live near both Shepherd's bush and North End Road markets in West London, both of which have cheap fruit, and you get to pick your own! (Seriously, how am I meant to know if that mango is good if I can't touch it or smell it?) 

But neither of these markets have anything on French variety. My parents' local town is overrun with market stalls every Saturday, the streets are pedestrianised and for a few hours the streets are alive with activity. My favourites are the fresh handmade butter and cream, and the chanterelle mushrooms when they're in season.

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  1. Those pants are so awesome! I feel the same way, all the produce in my grocery stores are icky. I love going to fruitmarkets.

  2. Such great pants! Can't believe there are some places where you can't pick your own fruit -- it's the most important part of produce shopping!

  3. I love the colour of your jacket, it looks amazing with the black and white. Gorgeous photos! I love shopping for food in markets but unfortunately very rarely have time.


  4. Amazing dear.
    Kisses from Portugal!

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  5. there were always good markets around when i was younger, but there don't really seem to be as many around now! well, not here anyway. we used to have a lovely greengrocer a block away here, and we'd go once or twice a week, but sadly the supermarkets ran him out of business.

    love the coat! looks so good with the black and white.

  6. Hi! I really love your blog. What template is this?


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