Italian sunflowers

August 02, 2015

Last week I was lucky enough to join my family on holiday in Italy. It was wonderful to just relax. I brought along some studying with me, looked at the on the first morning before the day descended into drinking sparkling wine and sunbathing. There's just something about the summer heat, the way it gently creeps into ever little space, like a thick blanket of humidity. Although it can seem oppressive I love when it stays warm and sticky even when the sun sets, it's like getting a great big hug. This feeling is one of the things I take away from my summer holiday every year, a souvenir of the mind.

Another memory that sticks in my mind from summer holidays of yore are the flowers. Whether it's fields of sunflowers or tulips or hydrangea bushes, the hills really are alive (but let's be clear, the only music is from the cicadas, Julie Andrews can stay out of this). So what do you get when you combine summer flowers with organic cotton? Well this little Fair Trade number by Nomads Clothing, of course (which is in the sale, by the by). I love a good shirt dress, although they are slowly taking over my entire wardrobe, it's a little scary.

dress//c/o Nomads Clothing    hat//second hand    shoes and belt//Urban Outfitters    watch//H&M    sunglasses//Tens (gift)

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  1. This shirt dress is gorgeous! You can't go wrong with classic pieces like this. It looks so nice and light for the humid weather too. And I'm loving the cola ad pose in that last picture!

    Jamie |


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