Greenhouse creeper

October 22, 2016

Remember a month ago, back when it was Summer? I feel like I've been living in winter for months, but this time in September I was wearing a little dress around the botanical gardens in Geneva. Today I finally packed away my pretty dresses and swapped them out for turtlenecks and fleece lined tights. RIP my pitiful excuse for a tan.

A few years ago the internet coerced me into starting a collection of baby succulents, at this very moment I have seven potted plants in my room, the same again in the living room, and a dozen more babies in the plant hospital (a.k.a. a nice sunny windowsill to get them big and strong). There's something about plants that's so calming; is it the colour? Is it the leaves? Either way I think I'd be happy living in a greenhouse, napping under the palms and frolicking (carefully) amongst the cacti. What are your favourite plants? Mine are probably my dragon trees, no matter how much I abuse them they insist on living and thriving, it's amazing, bordering on sinister.

Aaaand, onto the outfit. I'd been seeing off-the-shoulder ruffle dresses all summer. Everywhere. When I got to my parents' house I caved and made one out of an old sheet that I'd bought second hand. It's a very simple construction; a tube for the ruffle and another for the dress. I also have a piece of an old pale blue duvet cover which I might turn into a top, not that I could wear it until next year (boo hiss winter). It's no secret that I wear this necklace almost every day, I have another that I switch it up with but I love my little bee. Also a nice coincidence that my mum's old belt matches my birks so well, it's like I chose them on purpose.

dress // handmade    shoes // Birkenstock (second hand)    bag // Matt and Nat    ring // People Tree
necklace // McKinley and Moth    watch // Withings    hat // Asos    sunglasses // Tens

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  1. nothing like a greenhouse for outfit pics!

    1. It's true, everything looks better in a greenhouse!

  2. aaaaa you're so cute and that place is amazing


  3. I agree that plants are calming. We visited a conservatory last spring and I kept telling Steven I wanted to live there. :-D

    I haven't really been into the off-shoulder trend, but this outfit makes me think twice. Love the simple stripes and the way you styled it with a belt and hat. I'm astonished you made it! Lovely look!

  4. Your style is so lovely and so is this greenhouse!


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