The pink skeleton dances again

October 31, 2016

This costume was one long string of failures and I hate it now, but let's all pretend to be happy for the sake of Halloween right? In my last post I showed off this Henrica Langh top, and I knew it would be the perfect excuse to dress up as a skeleton. I make no secret of my life's ambition to be a skeleton* and as they say, dress for the job you want!

I didn't want to buy a pair of skeleton trousers for a single outfit, so instead I cut out bones from some faux leather scraps I had lying around, painted them white and tacked them to some high waisted People Tree trousers. It took 3 days and the ends of my fingers are bruised from the pins and needles required. When I came to painting my face I discovered I had no black eye shadow but I do have blush, hence pink skeleton**. Add the least versatile cardigan in the world and it's a costume (sort of). In the end, the only thing I bought for this costume was the white face paint, so that's something.

*not a euphemism for skinny; literally buried bones.
**I hate it so much, and it took 2 hours.

top//c/o Henrica Langh    trousers//People Tree    everything else//second hand

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  1. Well, it looks very elaborate and I like it! Who needs black face makeup when pink can look just as creepy? And how did you already own that cardigan? :D

  2. The trousers were worth all of the pain, they look amazing!

  3. Mesmerised by the whole ensemble. Adore your amazing non-versatile cardi! Fabulous photos too!

  4. Literally loving everything about this.


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