Skeleton in the cupboard

October 26, 2016

I love spooky season (yes, me and every other basic white girl on the planet) so there was no way I was going to say no when Henrica contacted me about collaborating. I've borrowed a couple of tops from her Memento Mori collection and I'm going to try and do a handful of outfits ranging from moderately spooky to just everyday clothes. I'd rate this outfit somewhere in between; either "I'm a slightly spooky person off out to a gig" or "I'm not at all spooky attending a Halloween event without costumes." (Do these even exist? Because they really shouldn't). 

I found this black faux fur coat discounted at a vintage shop in Pimlico because it was July, and no one buys coats in July. Rather than go full 60's I put on my chunky DMs, lots of jewellery, and a plum lip (wow, so much soft grunge). But let's be honest, it's the top that makes this outfit. Do have a look at Henrica's website because her pieces are incredible (treading the fine line between ready-to-wear and wearable art) and she also has a useful and very detailed page dedicated to clothing care.

If you'd like a Memento Mori top, you need to order by 9am (UK time) on Friday 28th.
On google maps this cemetery has a great review:
3/5 "Can often be a bit smelly"
Me too.
top//c/o Henrica Langh
jewellery//Oh My Clumsy Heart/People Tree/Dogeared/second hand
everything else//second hand

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  1. Okay holy wow, I know I commented on Instagram, but I just can't get enough of this shirt. And also you in these photos. Really, the whole outfit and setting. Also, I laughed aloud at the review of the cemetery. I am SO glad you're posting now and then!

  2. That is one cool top! And you found the perfect setting to photograph it. Hope the surroundings weren't too "smelly" though :)

    1. Thank you! It's hard to find skeleton stuff that isn't tacky or cartoon-ish, I'm smitten. I've taken a few outfit photos in the cemetery because it's my nearest park, and I've never known it to smell!


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